Can You Guess What I am Making?

What do you think this will be?

I will give you a clue – I will need “twenty four sets”…..

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7 Responses to Can You Guess What I am Making?

  1. Cat says:

    Alaphbet soup perhaps!!????

    • Cat says:

      oh no it’s so late here that is 26 and looked again and see the are numbers hmmmmmmmm Numerical alphabet soup!!!??

  2. Hmmmm….24 made me think of 24 hours so I was going to say clocks. Then I realized there are only 12 numbers on a clock! I must need more sleep! LOL Very intriguing mystery!

    • lifeatthezoo says:

      I had to think about that one “but yes, there are 24hrs….” doh! ;-) the mystery continues!

  3. My first thought is an advent calendar. Otherwise, I haven’t a clue! Did you cut out those numbers? They’re lovely :-)

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