As You Go Learning: Numeracy & Hopscotch

numeracy agilityWelcome back to this week’s “as you go learning” – simple and fun every day activities that kids can do and play AND which promote learning!

Today we are playing hopscotch! A brilliant all round game – of course there is counting, number recognition, but also hand eye co-ordination and agility. Wow. What an all rounder!

Use your own chalk to draw your hopscotch game on the pavement and your kids get to practice writing too. PERFECT I say!

No wonder it is SO popular! And the kids love love love to play! I remember this game fondly from my childhood.

Read more about it and how to play on Wikipedia Hopscotch.

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3 Responses to As You Go Learning: Numeracy & Hopscotch

  1. Hopscotch is a great learning game! The best learning games are the ones that kids don’t even realize they are learning. I know I didn’t pay attention to that when I was a kid!

    Thanks for sharing at The Sunday Showcase. :)

    • lifeatthezoo says:

      Oh yes, I agree, when they don’t know they are learning, they have such fun!

  2. Thank you for joining our Share & Play Wednesday with link to this post! It’s been published in Summer Play Ideas – Sidewalk play post today: Next week’s theme is Making Music Outside! Hope to see you on FB on Wednesday! :D

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