Growing Carrot Tops

Here is a fun activity – growing carrots from carrot tops. I first read about it on Rainy Day Mum and thought the kids would LOVE to this. They always get excited when our seedlings start appearing and things GROW.

So to start it off… place your carrot tops in a shallow dish of water.. then wait. Come back and see what happens!!!

I do hope we manage to grow WHOLE carrots from these carrot tops!

UPDATE: I have just read that you CAN NOT grow a carrot from a carrot top… but you can make them sprout and for table decorations and apparently get seeds from them.. so I guess that is something!

growing carrot tops

UPDATE: Day 6 two (only two!! I have since read it is best to cut the carrot top a little bigger – 1 inch minimim) of our carrots start sprouting!

The Boy’s (4yrs) comment: “Wow, how did THAT happen?”

Joining in with the Frugal Carnival for at Mum At The Madhouse – after all this experiment costs you NOTHING to take part in.. and potentially you end up with lots of seeds and those lots more carrots… Frugality sometimes take time! 

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18 thoughts on “Growing Carrot Tops”

  1. This was great when we did it for Earth Day – the tops grew really well. I planted them in the veg garden hoping that they would grow – but alas they just grew roots from the tops. But amazing tops – haven’t let them go to seed though will have to try that next

    1. Yes, I will be curious to see how well the going to seed works and whether we can grow carrots from that! Definitely, a good learning experience for us all!

    2. Idea for green onions: when done put the roots in water and watch them sprout again&again… kids love it and I do too saw it on pinterest…

    1. Aaah but please note the update: you can’t grow carrots from the carrot tops.. though I will happily settle for some seeds to plant next year!! Very soggy here too :-(

    1. Seriously? We can grow carrots? I did think, if it sprouts and has roots, the roots should form carrots… but needless to say, I have *no idea*…. have you succeeded?

  2. you can definitely grow spring onions from the roots that you chop off – very satisfying. id be dubious on the quality of any carrot that came from a top – they don’t like disturbance much.

  3. Looks like a fun project, I have been wanting to try this with sweet potatoes, as well as green onions and celery, carrot greens are very pretty. Sounds like a fun experiment! :)

  4. I’m confused. Everywhere I’ve just read on the wonderful interweb says “YOU CAN’T GROW A CARROT FROM A CARROT TOP”. But a couple of months ago I planted the top of a carrot I ate (no plant attached), and I’ve just dug up one massive carrot. It’s twice the size of the original carrot, fatter, but not longer.
    Anyway, point is, I did grow a full grown carrot vegetable from a left over top.
    I haven’t eaten it yet, hopefully it’s not some GM freaky veg that’s going to turn me into a Godzilla!

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