(No Cook) Playdough Challenge

The lovely Imagination Tree, Sun Hats and Wellieboots and Nurture Store have a play dough challenge on! We haven’t made a new batch of playdough in ages.. so I decided to take part and try out Imagination Tree’s “no cook” playdough version…

And oh my, it is GOOD!

easy playdough recip

We went for a “snowy scene” colours – Red Ted really wanted to make a snowman. So we have lots of plane playdough, some orange (our red turned orange?), black and blue (for a scarf).

We founds some twigs and sticks and pine cones.

easy playdough recip

easy playdough recip

Pip Squeak decided to cook with it!

easy playdough recip

Hooray for “no cook” playdough!

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2 Responses to (No Cook) Playdough Challenge

  1. How wonderful! I love how they made such different things and that Red Ted wanted to do a snowman in June, haha! (It’s seriously soft isn’t it?!)

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