To Work or Not To Work

To work or not to work, that is the question! Before I had children, I always said “I will see how I feel” – there was no way I could say how much I would enjoy”do” staying at home and looking after young children. My husband and I arranged our finances in such a way that we could survive on one salary (also giving us some security in case of redundancy or illness). So when my eldest was born, there was no pressure for me to go back to work.

And I didn’t.

I enjoyed staying at home with my son, more than I thought and I (now) do think that that your child benefits so much from being with you, the parent, and not a carer.

At the same time, I am a strong believer that going back to work part time is also good for you and good for the child. Going back to work, gives parents a break from the day to day “same-y-ness” that being at home can bring. It gives you a break from tantrums and nappies and worrying about meal times. It gives you time with people, who don’t just talk about childcare, but have other things to talk about too. Who talk to you as a person and not to you as a mum.

Peronsally, I think working part time is the perfect solution – 3 days a week at work, 4 days at home. That way you spend the majority of your time with your child, but also get a break.

However there are other things to consider too… mine are:

1) Travel to work

2) Pay

3) How much you like your work

If two of the above 3 are bad.. then I think it isn’t worth going back. That was the case for me. The pay was good, but the commute was long (more time away from your child) and, ahem, the work was BORING! So I didn’t go back.

But I needed to do *something*. I REALLY do love being at home, but *just* being at home, would make me stir crazy.

Red Ted Art was born. I didn’t know where it was going to take me and the journey has been exciting and wonderful, with ever changing directions. Starting off as “artwork for kids”. Turning into a fully fledged craft blog. Making a little money through advertising and sponsored posts etc. Now I have my first book in the pipeline (read more about the Craft book for kids here) and I feel that, increasingly being a SAHM and blogger, allows me to have enough variety in my life, whilst generating a little income, that I will not go back to a conventional “office job”. AND gives me the opportunity to be there for my children.

It is a wonderful time for me in my life. I get to spend my days with my children. I get to see them change and grow up every day. I get to craft, which I love doing. I get to socialise and network with like minded people (bloggers and crafters). I get to make a little income to contribute towards the household. Fantastic.

I wonder where it will take me next. I don’t know, but I am looking forward to the journey.


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8 thoughts on “To Work or Not To Work”

  1. Oops! Didn’t mean to submit that comment so soon.

    Meant to add that I totally agree about your three things to consider about going back to work. My commute is horrendous. But thankfully I like my job, and I’m paid well enough to make it worthwhile. If I didn’t like my job or wasn’t paid well, I’m not sure I could convince myself to keep going with the commute!

    1. I am glad you have a job you enjoy and pay that is worth it!! I do think it is good to have a balance between work and being at home!! Such a hard decision!

  2. Firstly, may I say how excited I am to see that you have started this blog! I’m following now and can’t wait to see more. I also wanted to say that I agree with everything you’ve written above. I’m currently working out of home 2 days a week but the commute is ridiculous (90 minutes each way) and the work is BORING! That is one of my goals from blogging as well – to generate enough income that I might be able to stay at home full time and spend more time with my son. Good luck with Life At The Zoo – so exciting!

    1. Aaah thank you Ness, how very very lovely of you to say!! And goodness, 90min is tough!!! I do hope that blogging grows for you so you can replace that horrible communte! And thank you for following :-)

  3. Sadly I can’t afford to give up work compltely, but I’m very much happy to go without on things so that I can work part time and stay at home with my son. Totally agree though that you do need ‘something’ else to do as well though, its the reason I started my blog too :)

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