Foraging with Kids

Today, we went for a scooter ride. We really only went around the block, to get some fresh air and 10min of exercise. We went to the local tram stop and then Red Ted shouted: “Look Mummy, blackberries!”. My goodness, it is the 1st  August and already the blackberries are out.


So precious. So tasty.

Well.. a picking we did go.

Though stumbled across the blackberries this time.. it is advisable to wear long sleeved arms and trousers, as well as socks and closed shoes – there are lots of prickles and nettles around blackberries!

There are several reasons why I ADORE doing this with my children:

  1. They are tasty
  2. They get to experience and appreciate nature
  3. They learn about where things come from (not plastic containers) and what plants look like
  4. Learning about seasons (and in what seasons you can find what)
  5. It is frugal
  6. It is healthy (both the fresh air and the fruit)
  7. It is fun
  8. They appreciate the “effort” that goes into getting something
  9. We will go picking again and then we will bake and cook with them – so they can learn a bit more about cooking
  10. In a funny sort of way it is MAGICAL!
I am now looking forward to what other lovely things I can teach them about! What can you go picking and make good! Wild Garlic into pesto… Dandelions into tea and soap. Nettles into soup. Elderberries into cordial… 

Hooray for foraging!!!

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13 Responses to Foraging with Kids

  1. No blackberries in Cornwall yet but we have some lovely raspberries!

  2. . says:

    No blackberries here yet either (but I’m on the look out!)

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  7. Kelly says:

    I agree there is something very magical about foraging for berries! I have some wonderful memories of doing this with my mum and grandparents, and I bet your kids will too :-) Thanks for sharing on Happy lil ❤’s are baking!
    Kelly recently posted..Playdough RobotsMy Profile

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