Pumpkin Recipes

As you may know, I do like to cook with the children  – or at least try to! I also like to try out new recipes. This October we have a “date” with “Uncle” for some pumpkin carving. And being a “non wasteful” so and so, I thought it would be a good idea to check out what yummy recipes are out there for us try out!

The recipes below are a mixture of “canned pumpkin” and fresh pumpkin recipes (I have always marked which it is). You can usually replace the canned with freshly cooked fresh pumpkin without too much problems, just cook it, drain it and be sure to adjust any fluids you add (add a bit less…).

I can’t vouch for any of recipes (we haven’t tried them YET), but the majority come recommended by other bloggers and they all look great! Will you be inspired to get pumpkin carving AND cooking this October?


pumpkinPumpkin Puree

I am starting with this recipe, so that you can make your own Pumpkin Puree to replace and Canned Pumpkins in some of the recipes below. This is thanks to The Pioneer Woman.

Fresh Pumpkin

Curried Pumpkin Soup

We do love making soup – it is easy and it something that the kids can help with (in fact we have a very similar Carrot Soup on Life At The Zoo). I think The Boy would enjoy making this! This recipe is from All You.

pumpkinSausage Pumpking and Sage Casserole

From the BBC Food website (usually a safe bet). My kids love sausages. They also like chopping things. Casseroles TEND to not need to be chopped to neatly. So maybe this is something for us? Hope so! Might also be something for those of you who like slow cookers!

Fresh Pumpkin

pumpkin recipesSpicy Pumpkin Chowder (Diary Free)

This recipe has the added benefit that it is Diary Free. I can’t wait to try this one out, as I know that Aly from Plus.2.4. knows her cooking “stuff” and I love chowders!

Fresh Pumpkin

Hubble Bubble Pumpkin Pot

A rice based dish that sounds wonderful (looks like pumpkins really do go well with rice!). This one is from BBC Good Food and was recommend by Alice Ready.


pumpkin recipesPumpkin & Rice Slow Cooker Casserole

Another recipe from Aly at Point 2.4. She uses a slow cooker to make this. I am so keen to get a slow cooker – the food is meant to taste delicious and it reduces your time in the kitchen.

Fresh Pumpkin

Pumpkin Risotto

Risotto is another firm favourite of mine. Seems like you can add almost anything and make it tasty. Fantastic. This recipe is via BBC Good Food! Recommended by A Bavarian Sojourn.

Fresh Pumpkin

Pumpkin Curry

We Brits do love a good curry – so this Pumpkin Curry sounds hugely promising! Here Come The Girls shares her recipe!

Fresh or Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkin & Chicken Meatball Curry

And then there is THIS curry. Also makes my mouth water with pumpkin delight anticipation. From Family Fresh Cooking.

Canned Pumpkin

pumkin recipesPumpkin Pasta and Bacon

A little different from all of the other recipes is this pumpkin pasta and bacon shared by Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice.

 Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkin Bread

Not sure if this counts as savoury or sweet. I guess it is a bit of both? From The Food Network and comes highly recommended by

Fresh Pumpkin


Pumpkin Pancakes

These look mouth watering-ly delicious! Sweet Pea’s Kitchen shares this great pancake recipe.

Canned Pumpkin

Sweet Chilly Raising Pumpkin Bread

And did you know you can make BREAD in a slow cooker? Aly is a genius. Go check out yet another mouth watering recipe.

Fresh Pumpkin

pumpkin recipesPumpkin Spice Donuts

Oh my goodness, how delicious do these look? Blue Eyed Bakers shares this delicious treats. I really want to try these!

Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkin Cake

Well you get carrot cake and beetroot cake, so why not pumpkin cake indeed! Dormouse and The Teapot share this fabulous sound recipe!

Fresh Pumpkin

Pumpkin Scone Recipe

Yummy idea to make scones. Love the whole “pumpkin day” over at Adventures in Motherhood and you can find the Scone Recipe on I Blame My Mother.

Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkin Bar Pumpkins

My goodness, how cute and tasty do these little treats look? Well they sure are Toddler Approved. Go check them out.

Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yum, what isn’t to like about anything with chocolate chip in it. I think these may be top of my pumpkin baking list this year. Thanks to Dana Made It.


Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Yet another mouth watering recipe. This time we have pumpkin cinnamon rolls with a caramel icing. This just smacks of “Fall” food. Wonderful. From Recipe Girl.


pumpkin recipesPumpkin Walnut Squares

I do love walnuts, deliciously tasty, healthy and crunchy. Love the sound of these walnut squares by Bake Your Day!


Marshmallow and Pumpkin Bake

Perfect for any Halloween party a “Marshmallow and Pumpkin bake” by Chez Maximka. Fun!


Anyway! Hope you are inspired to get Pumpkin Cooking this Halloween! We are!

And if you want some pumpkin crafts, check out:


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13 Responses to Pumpkin Recipes

  1. Aly says:

    Thanks for adding my two recipes Maggy.I’ll be trying some of the other recipes when pumpkin comes into the supermarkets and our fruit and veg box.
    Aly recently posted..Ginger Polenta Cake (Gluten And Lactose Free)My Profile

  2. Galina says:

    Thank you for adding my Scream. Love the selection of recipes, I have never tried pumpkin pancakes, but I will remedy this very soon. And the bread and sweet things look great too. And the sausage dish, actually all of them are fab.

  3. Some great recipes here. We completely failed at growing some this year unfortunately so will have to buy them. Thanks for including my curry recipe.
    Rebecca from Here come the girls recently posted..The Magical World of Bayala by Schleich- ReviewMy Profile

  4. Mmmm…I am so ready for pumpkin season! These recipes look great! Thanks for including my pancakes! :)

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  7. allotmentmum says:

    picked the first pumpkin this week and have spent the evening trawling the web for recipes. Wish I’d found this first! Thanks (:
    allotmentmum recently posted..This season’s must have: conker necklacesMy Profile

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  9. HELEN says:

    lots of great recipes there!
    HELEN recently posted..Aged Grana Padano & Pumpkin GnocchiMy Profile

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  11. Ping Teo says:

    Hi! Thanks for collating these recipes :)

    I would like to share w you another way to use pumpkin: Steamed Pumpkin Muffins. Great for those who don’t have an oven at home.


    I’m in Singapore, so you might have to do a bit of replacement of ingredients :)
    Ping Teo recently posted..Steamed Sweet Potato MuffinsMy Profile

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