Boats – An Egg Carton Craft Idea

Here is a egg carton craft idea that I made almost 2 years ago with my kids… It still makes me smile!  I love the idea of bring books and crafts together.And some days, when I really don’t know what to make, picking up one of Red Ted’s books really does inspire! And this is how we came to make our Egg Carton Boats.
If you saw the Back To School post.. don’t you think Red Ted has GROWN so much?!
So. Today, I brought out one of Red Ted’s older books:  Tell me about TheSea, by Justine Smith. We have two books in the series and alsohave Tellme about Baby Animals. When he was a little younger hepreferred Baby Animals. Now I think he prefers The Sea. But they are bothlovely books – nice simple images with things to “do” on every page (count,find, look), some nice shiny surfaces to touch, as well as some flaps to lifttowards the end. Lovely for them. Lovely or you and a little education on theside!
This time we decided to make a boat!1)    Materials: although I knew I wanted to make a boat at some point andthus bought a 12 egg egg carton, I did wing this a bit. So my photo doesn’tshow all the materials needed. But to be honest, just be crafty and do whatworks for you! My basic materials: egg carton (12 egg & 6 egg), chopsticks(for mast), paper & paint (for sails), ribbon/ string (to secure mast &bunting), glue, scissors, blue tack, staples…

2)    We began with the sails. To be honest you can do WHATEVER you likefor these. We decided to paint, as Red Ted likes painting. Also, I we use the“water technique” of wetting the paper and letting the colours run a little, asI thought it fitting with “The Sea”. However, you can re-use an old drawing,draw a new one. Paint patterns or even use a scrap of fabric! Whatever takesyour fancy.

3)    Once the sails where done, I made the basic boat, whilst Red Ted ate a pare, looked at the book again and got excited! The 12 egg egg carton is idealfor a boat, as it has a raised bit right in the middle of it – perfect for a mast.Whilst he 6 egg egg carton, has a dip in the middle and the mast is a littlewobblier. I just poked it through, put bluetack underneath and added someprecautionary glue.

4)    The ribbon/ string helps secure the mast – I tied round the top,threaded it through little holes on the side and tied them again underneath.Seems to do the trick! Also added some blobs of glue just in case!

5)    Once dry, I cut out some sails and flags. Glued on the sails and stapledon the flags. Using clothe pegs to help keep things in place.

6)    FINISHED! And ready for play!What do you think? Simple and too cute and perfect for all those left over egg cartons don’t you think?! 

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23 Responses to Boats – An Egg Carton Craft Idea

  1. Kelly Spence says:

    These are too adorable for words! I’d love to share this tutorial on, linking to your project and directing readers back to your blog for the tutorial. Let me know what you think!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Kelly Spence, Editor

  2. oh my gosh, how little is Red Ted ? Very very cute!
    Emma @cakesandscribbles recently posted..Silent Sunday – 16th SpetemberMy Profile

  3. Those are really, really cute. I know that my preschooler would have a blast playing with them.
    Bethany @ No Twiddle Twaddle recently posted..Free EBooks for Kids {The Children’s Bookshelf}My Profile

  4. Mary says:

    I love these! I just so happen to have egg cartons stashed away. This very well might be what we do tomorrow! Thanks for the idea.
    Mary recently posted..Kid Science: Learning about Density by Making a Liquid Rainbow!My Profile

  5. Isil says:

    They look lovely.We will make these for my daughter’s homework :)
    Isil recently posted..Leaf Matching GameMy Profile

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  7. Yes they are super cute and do look relatively simple to make. However, it seems to be that this is a craft activity! I really must protest as this is supposed to be your lying back and relaxing blog isn’t it!?!
    Not a Notting Hill Mum recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

    • lifeatthezoo says:

      You are a funny lady!! And yes it is… but this is done 2 years ago, as a guest post on another site.. and I thought Life At The Zoo would like it too. Very little work was involved.. just some HTML code cutting and pasting :-)

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  12. Tanya says:

    What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!
    How did you make the little wooden people (boat passengers)? They are adorable! And my daughter would absolutely love them.

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  14. Lauren says:


    I hope all is well! My name is Lauren and I am a contributing writer for, a site that helps connect families and caregivers. As part of our service we also offer tons of free articles and resources for a kid-friendly audience.

    I wanted to let you know that we have featured your Egg Carton Sail Boat ( in our latest article on Summer Crafts for Kids! We absolutely love your work and have linked back to your site from our piece. You can see it here:

    We will be promoting the article through our social channels and we would love for you to share it with your blog and/or social followers as well!

    Thanks so much!


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  16. Sonya says:

    Just wanted to say you have a great site and some really nice crafts which I wanted to publicise among the homeschooling community.
    I’ve linked to you egg carton sailboat page here
    as it fits very well with some recycling kids projects we are doing – including my daughter’s junk robot!
    Best wishes

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