Pocket Money Halloween & Giveaway

Pocket Money Halloween by Clare Beaton

As you all know, I am a thrifty so and so. I do love a good kids craft and homemade Christmas gift. I love to bake our own goodies and decorate the house with things the kids an d I have made. And Halloween is no exception. Though of course you can find lots of Halloween Ideas over on Red Ted Art, it is always nice to have a little book with crafts, activities and recipes for more inspiration. Along comes the thrifty Pocket Money Halloween. The title alone is appealing to me, as being crafty with kids, should never ever cost a fortune. All the ideas in this book, are cute, simple and inexpensive. Hooray. I love all upcycled elements of it. And there are a number of things, I can’t wait to have a go at.

Would you like to win a copy?

Simple, leave a comment below telling me your favourite Halloween CRAFT of all times.

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1) Open to the UK only

2) One entry per person

3) Winners will be picked at random and decisions will be final

4) Closes on 15th Oct 2012 at 11pm

5) Delivery of the prize is the responsibility of b small publishing and not Life At The Zoo/ Red Ted Art

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15 Responses to Pocket Money Halloween & Giveaway

  1. Nicole says:

    Love to make toffee apples for Halloween

  2. angela sandhu says:

    when i was in the brownies we used to make chocolate apples and i now make them with the kids.

  3. Maria says:

    Turnip carving – being given a teaspoon a few days before Hop-tu-Naa ((October 31st) to set about making a turnip lantern. It kept us quiet for hours. The modern version is to hollow out the turnip’s centre with a drill with a wide bit – quicker but less satisfying somehow!

  4. Helen says:

    As a child, it used to be carving out a turnip, I can remember the smell and that it took me days and days to do it; I’m sure my parents must have bought the largest turnip to keep me amused. Nowadays it has to be making cake pops with the children; they are so easy to make, beautiful to look at and tasty too and you don’t get that horrid turnip smell either (LOL).

    • Maria says:

      Turnip carving is an Isle of Man tradition for Hop tu Naa (31st October) and you are right it does have a distinctive smell that lingers around the place. Cheaper than a pumpkin!

  5. Paula Phillips says:

    We like to carve a pumpkin and have toffee apples.

  6. Jo Kelly says:

    I love making paper chains, crafted into the shape of pumpkins. The kids think it’s great!! x

  7. Claire Butler says:

    Pumpkin carving is fab

  8. Karen Barrett says:

    I worked with a group of children making Halloween ghosts a few years ago. We used white balloons and white supermarket carrier bags. The children used black marker pens to design their own spooky faces.

  9. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Pumpkin calving…without a doubt!

  10. Val Rush says:

    Pumpkin carving

  11. Lesley Bain says:

    We love pumpkin carving – each of us in the household has our own and with the help of the adults we all make weird and wonderful faces and designs :)

  12. Susan Bowe says:

    Pumpkin carving

  13. Sarah says:

    carving pumpkin

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