Micro Rucksack & Lunch Box

Mmmh, some of you you may know, that we are Micro Scooter MAD in our house. The kids have both been on scooters for ages and they really make the school run, totally bearable. The thought of having to drag the kids to and fro other wise is quite distressing. Anyway, scooters rock. That is all I can say. And as our love for the Micro scooters grow… we also start getting addicted to the various products available. Enter… The Micro Rucksack & Lunch Box !



Firstly, we love the colours and we love the handy little side pockets. I love that you can clip off the lunch bag (ideal for taking into school too). We often take the scooter with us, when we are out and about in town – The Girl’s legs do get tired and a scooter is small enough and practical enough to get around. This is little bag is a great addition to our out and about days and DOES help me having to carry that little bit less.

I think it will also put less strain on the kids backs. Win win all round.

IMG_7399We took it out “into town” today. And I have to say, I was a little sceptical at first, but we LOVED it. It hangs really well off the scooter (no toppling etc) and doesn’t get in the way. The Girl simply ADORED the whole combo, and as soon as we arrived, wanted me to clip off the lunchbox part and carried that in like a little handbag. She was so pleased and so proud. Both the lunchbox and the bag itself had LOADS of space. So I didn’t bother with a hand bag today, we could fit everything in (even an A4 folder).  Loved it. Much  more than I thought we would!

Anyway. I digress.. I have one for you to WIN! Yep. You can have your very own handy rucksack and lunchbox bag.

Would you like to win one?

Simply CLICK THROUGH to the Micro Scooters Accessory page. Take a look a round and come back leaving a LINK to the product you like the look of best – and tell us why you like it.



1) Entries MUST contain a LINK from the Micro Scooter website.

2) Winners will be selected at random.

3) Open to the UK only.

4) Delivery of the prize is the responsibility of Micro Scooters and NOT Life At The Zoo.

5) Competition closes on 31 March 2013 at 11pm.



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107 thoughts on “Micro Rucksack & Lunch Box”

  1. I like the grip tape and on my scooter it will look the best
    holding me on my scooter and showing i am better than the rest

  2. scoot and pull is a fab idea.

    sometime’s my son gets tired legs and i end up having to bend and push him or carry the scooter getting bruised legs from the scooter !

  3. I really like the pink pad set as my daughter is forever falling off her bike and scooter and taking the top layer of skin off (which always seems to hurt 10x more than a straight cut!)

    I tried to copy and paste a link but the site isnt letting me, ive got no right hand click option :(

  4. I love the Stop & Go Wheel Whizzers here…
    oh dear for some reason it will not let me paste the link :( It is on page 2 of the accessories selection, and is 8th item (last one on page). I hope you will accept this as my entry.

  5. It wont let me paste the mini micro scooter in pink ….. its a scooter and its pink !!! what little girl wouldn’t love it :)

  6. http://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/product/zooter-dino/

    It wouldn’t let me post the link either, but i just wrote it above, i hope that’s ok…

    My Son is DINOSAUR Mad! This is absolutely hilarious, wed have so much fun scaring all of the granny’s around our quiet old village with this 😀 They all need cheering up.. we live right next to the doctors surgery, i could imagine my little man scooting in on his scooter with the dino going in hahahahaha :) xx

  7. My daughter would love a Trixy Zooter- they look really funky and the price is so reasonable she could afford one herself by saving up her pocket money!

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