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Now today was a very special day for The Girl… having oohed and aahed at the The Boy’s birthday presents, which included lots of Superhero “bricks” for him to assemble, we received a wonderful set of “Girl MegaBloks” today.

She was over the moon – “little” MegaBloks (so far she has only had the big ones) JUST for her. The Boy was into them all straight away too – he didn’t care it was pink and Barbie, he just saw the opportunity to build!


We received the Build n Style Convertable (really good value at £16.99) and Fashion Boutique (retailng at £24.99).

As a parent I love all sorts of building bricks – mainly because my kids are learning to follow instructions for the assembly and developing their fine motor skills when they play. Both sets have a number of small parts – including change of outfits, handbags, bows for the barbie’s hair etc and The Girl adores these. Especially that she can “hang up the clothes” and store away the hats.. She loves “small things” to play with and I am pretty certain that pretty soon our new Barbies will be invited to a Tea Party soon!


Interestingly, it has really capture our son’s imagination too – he has already suggested to his sister to have a Barbie party and is doing a great amount of role play (more than with his batman set!).


They played with it all day – and when we went out briefly – as soon as we got home, they both straight went over to the MegaBloks Barbies. Lovely indeed.


It was lovely seeing Dad, Daughter and Son all play with it. Dad is usually  helping making The Boys bits and pieces and it was nice for him to engage with The Girl in the same way too.

Big thumbs up all the way round.





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  1. It’s just awesome that The Boy and The Girl can get along so great! I have two little ones about the same age and they rarely find something to play together with… they have fun together but I think I will try these “Girl MegaBloks” and we can all play :)
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