Picture Books: Lion and Mouse

Another gorgeous picture book for you today. This time by Random House Childrens Book publishing we have

Lion and MouseLion and Mouse, by Catalina Echeverri

Lion and Mouse is the story of two friends – yes, the Lion and the Mouse. It is an usual friendship as they are so different. We then find out that Lion is actually quite boastful and thinks he is better at everything. He is so busy being pleased with himself that he doesn’t notice mouse disappearing… And then darkness comes. Lion isn’t quite so brave as he thought. And he needs his friend Mouse. Will Mouse come and help him?

Once again a book that is beautifully illustrated (I like it for the illustrations alone). There is lots of energy and feeling in the illustrations and you can almost hear the Lion ROOOAAAR and feel him quiver in the darkness.

As a parent, the storyline is appealing too. Which child hasn’t either been boastful themselves or had a friend boast about being bigger and better. It teaches 3 things – boastfulness is not a good trait, everyone has strengths and weakness and friends help each other.

Win win all round.

Speaking on win…

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60 Responses to Picture Books: Lion and Mouse

  1. olivia kirby says:

    We have seen Ice Age 4 and enjoyed that. The kids watched Brave but my youngest seemed quite scared by that. We are yet to see the others.
    The book looks great.

  2. Sarah Welsh says:

    We really enjoyed The Pirates!

  3. Tracy Nixon says:

    I have watched Tinkerbell – The Secret of The Wings with my two girls!

  4. Julie Johnson says:

    Hotel Transylvania with my god children and my great nieces and nephews and we had a really good belly laugh

  5. Julie Picton says:

    Arthur Christmas

  6. Aunty Dotty says:

    I’ve watched Ice Age 4 and all the other Ice Age films. They are hilariously funny for children and adults alike.

  7. Michelle Scampton says:

    Adventures in Zambezia

  8. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Tinkerbell – The Secret of the Wings

  9. suan watts says:

    Arthur Christmas

  10. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I watched Arthur Christmas aswell

  11. Fiona Robertson says:

    Ice Age 4 – fab film! :)

  12. Susan Hay says:

    Ice Age

  13. abby carroll says:

    tinkerbell with my two girls, it was the first time my nearly 4yr old could sit still lol

  14. Emily Jefferson says:

    Ice age 4

  15. Mike Webb says:

    bedtime reading

  16. anthony harrington says:

    Ice Age 4 – loved the animation

  17. Jenny Eaves says:

    Brave – fantastic film, loved it. Need to watch Ice Age 4 still too. :)

  18. Jill Osborne says:

    Ice Age 4

  19. gemma henshaw says:

    ice age 4 and arthur christmas!

  20. JO JONES says:

    Arthur Christmas

  21. Nicola West says:

    Watched Arthur Christmas with my little girl.

  22. Nic OBrien says:


  23. Clare Martin says:

    Ice Age 4

  24. Christina Field says:


  25. Steve Gray says:

    Lion King, kept my 3 yr old enthralled.

  26. Caroline Cambridge says:

    Arthur Christmas

  27. Kerrie says:

    I’ve not yet seen Brave but was wondering if it was suitable for my Brownies. Having read your review, looks like it might be. Thank you!

  28. Diane says:

    Arthur Christmas

  29. Kate Marsden says:

    We’ve seen Tinkerbell the movie. My grandson loves Tinkerbell and it is so family friendly with a hint of excitement

  30. Rachel says:

    Ice Age – We love it! :)

  31. Sharon Griffin says:

    we loved ice age 4

  32. Catherine Reynolds says:

    I have seen Brave with my mother (got advanced tixs) and The Pirates with a friend. Both seen without kids and both enjoyed and giggled throughout!

  33. Emma Pite says:

    Elf- smiling is my favourite!

  34. Anne Bostwick says:

    Tinkerbell – The Secret of the Wings

  35. Joseph Watson says:

    Grandkids love ‘Arthur Christmas’ – I am not so enthralled after watching it too many times to reember

  36. tracy caroline steer says:

    great book

  37. Celia West says:

    Arthur Christmas

  38. Louise Bodsworth says:

    Ice Age – great film

  39. Rosie D says:

    Brave- I thought it was about time P1XAR created a film with a strong female lead character, children in my class enjoyed the movie and we analysed the character to understand why this was a successful

  40. Carol De says:

    Ice Age 4. We have enjoyed all the Ice Age films & this one was just as good! Kids love them!

  41. Clare White says:

    The last one we saw was Tinkerbell and we loved it!

  42. Catherine Miller says:

    We loved Arthur Christmas :)

  43. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    We’ve seen Brave. Disney movies are our favourites.

  44. Mark Palmer says:

    Ice Age

  45. Paul Witney says:

    Ice Age 4

  46. Marie Rickard says:

    Ice age 4 – It’s definately getting long in the (sabre)tooth now and I hope that is the last one! They have clearly run out of ideas – But I really hope Pixar will be doing an Up 2 – I just love Doug!

  47. cheryl dawn lovell says:

    We loved Arthur Christmas!

  48. Shazz says:

    Ice Age 4, loved it.

  49. Leigh Larkin says:

    Elf! Phew – almost thought I’d seen non of them! Our favourite family film is Madagascar 2. Hilarious!

  50. Michelle Ptak says:

    Took my son to see Hotel Transylvannia … I think I enjoyed it as much as him!!

  51. Tanita says:

    Arthur Christmas and loved it so did my lil boi :)

  52. Diana Semionova says:

    Ice Age :}

  53. Joanne McGonagle says:

    Just watched BRAVE today and thought it was great.

  54. Lindsey Jones says:

    We loved Ice Age 4.

  55. Solange says:

    Ice Age 4

  56. Daniel P says:


  57. Rebecca Collins says:

    We have seen tinkerbell an absolute favourite in our house. My daughter loves all things fairy :)

  58. shane weir says:

    we have seen the pirates

  59. Emily Jane Ann Nelson says:

    We watched Brave- It was an amazing film, Im not too sure our little boy seemed keen but i LOVED it! Xx

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