Barny Beats the Winter Blues

I don’t know about where you are, but we have had rain rain rain and then some MORE rain these past few weeks. Really, it is quite depressing. Not only is it wet, but it is cold. Boo hoo us. And for some reason, the worst of the weather ALWAYS hits us on a Thursday afternoon… the alotted slot where the kids get the chance to have some tennis lessons! OUTDOOR Tennis lessons.

We have been battling through the  Winter months with wet and cold little ones. And I have been bribing the kids with hot chocolate and marshmallows afterwards.

This Thursday, was another such wet day. It had been raining all afternoon and it was time to collect the boy from school and head to tennis. As we stood waiting for him to come out of school, the girl started saying “no, no tennis, Mummy, it is so cold”. The boy and his friend joined us… his friend ALSO wanted to skip tennis “I am so tired, can’t we go home?”. Argh. What to do. The lessons HAVE been paid for…..

barny bare saves tennis

….. thank goodness, I decided to bring good ol’ Barny on this little Winter Adventure…. I whipped him out and said “Would one of these treats make any difference?”. The kids faces lit up. How GOOD bribery works EVERY time….


I  have never seen them rush to their tennis lessons this quickly. Nevermind the rain.. and soon enough Barny joined them for a just reward. PHEW. Thanks Barny. Pretty yummy too!

Barny at TennisThis was DEFINITELY the right treat for us to bring along for the lessons. Giving them a satisfying treat that gave them energy for the lesson, whilst also sneaking in a little fruit inside the bear.

I am always on the look out for snacks to take along on their activities or for taking with us on to trips into town (we  always take a small picnic with us when we do – London can be expensive enough as it is, and it good to know we have food along that they will like and eat). So… in the past 2-3 weeks we have had Barny come with us on:


London eyeThe London Eye – I took a stance recently to  have MORE adventures with the kids.. and we are grasping the opportunity and going on mini adventures after school on a Friday (nuts, I know)… but we went to London Eye and saw London all lit up. It was beautiful. And once we came down we had a Barny and a Hot Chocolate.

china townWe also braved China Town to soak up some of the Chinese New Year admosphere.. we did indead “soak something up”, when we got quite rained on. Still, we saw the decorations, got to meet a Dancing Dragon and got treated to some Barnys on the tube home (amongst all the communters). The Adventure was worth it!

comic reliefSsssh don’t tell the kids, but I also pinched a couple of Barnys for myself and Kids Chaos, when we went on our Comic Relief adventures around London. Well, yes the kids love Barny snacks, ahem, but so do I (I had to hide them from hubby, before he secretly gobbled them all up!).

So. As you can see, we think that Barny is perfect for Big and for Little Adventures. Just pop one into your bag and off you go. Come rain or sunshine. Be it on your regular school run or on a special day out. Perfect and YUM!

This post is an entry for Britmums Winter Little Adventures Challenge sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. Find out more about Barny here.





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