Valentines Day Books for Kids

Yes, it is that time of year again to dig out the Valentines Day Books for Kids!!! We have a handful of lovely “love themed” books to read with the kids all year round, but Valentines Day is a great opportunity to dig them out again and talk about those we love and what Valentine’s Day actually means! I love discovering and reading new books with the kids all the time (and we have rather a huge collection of kids books in our house, I can never resist to get a new one…). But we do try and do a mixture of “new books” for our “Home library”, as well as reserving books at our local library and discovering new reads too! This year, I want to get each of the kids a Valentines Day Books for Kids, that they can bring into school with them and donate to the School Library. Here are a selection of some of the sweetest, cutest, but also FUNNIEST Valentines Day Books for Kids out there are the moment!!!

Valentines Day Book for Kids - a wonderful way to explore love and friendship with children and discuss the meaning of Valentines Day!

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Valentines Day Books for Kids

books about love - I Love You to the Moon and Back

I Love You to the Moon and Back (US/ UK)

I Love You, Stinky Face - valentines day booksI Love You, Stinky Face (US/ UK)

Consider love - valentines books for kids

Consider Love (US/ Uk)

valentines day books for kids - Won't You Be My Kissaroo

Won’t You Be My Kissaroo (US/ UK)

Valentines day books for kids - the night before valentines day

The Night Before Valentine’s Day (US/ UK)

Valentines Books For Kids - the Valentine's Bears

The Valentine Bears (US / UK)

Somebody Loves You Mr Hatch - books for valentines day for kids

Somebody Loves You Mr Hatch (US/ UK) (Here is a Valentines Activity to go with this book)

My Heart Is Like a Zoo - books about love for kids

My Heart Is Like a Zoo (US/ UK)

Love Monster - a book for valentines day

Love Monster (US / UK)

friendship stories for valentines day Penguin and Pinecone

Penguin and Pinecone (US/ UK)

Guess How Much I Love you - valentines day books for children

Guess How Much I Love You (Amazon Best Seller too!) (US/ UK)

Books about love for kids - Roses are Pink and Your Feet Really Stink

Roses are Pink and Your Feet Really Stink (US/ UK)

adorable books for kids - never to little to love - stories about love  

Never too little to love (US / UK)

There was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose - a fun book about love and valentines day

There was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose (US / UK)

valentines books for kids - the day it rained hearts

The Day it Rained Hearts (US/ UK)

So, I hope these Valentines Day Books for Kids are just what you are looking for! We love making things special with the kids.. you may also like to take a look at these Valentines Cards Kids Can Make? Find 25+ of the best and simple card making ideas for kids. You will find all sorts – cards for tots and cards for preschoolers, cards for older kids and cards just for you. Giant cards and small cards. Keepsake cards and printable cards.. take a look and get making!!


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No Candy Valentines Day Printable Ideas, these little gift ideas and play on words are genius!

GREAT Science Books for Kids

It is impossible to miss the science trend online.. every other article has the term S.T.E.M. or S.T.E.A.M. in it and interest is growing in our children’s science exposure and knowledge. Schools too are doing more and more to add to the Science curriculum and the kids have come home having accessed basic coding programs and of course doing classic experiments such as erupting volcanoes and bouncing eggs.

Parents are looking for more and more Science based resources, so I wanted to share with you a set of fantastic Science books from leading kids’ books publisher – USBORNE. I was sent these books as a gift for my children’s school’s brand new library (thank you thank you, they are VERY much appreciated) and wanted to share information about them with you here!

Of course the term “science” covers a WIDE range of subjects – from biology to chemistry to physics and computer science. These books touch on several niche topics, but are all fabulous.

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science books for kids

Here we go:

science activities books for kids

365 Science Activities (US/ UK)

This is your classic Science Activities book in the “classic Usborne” illustrated style  – using a mixture of step by step illustrations and photographs to explain projects and activities. The ideas are simple to implement and fun to do. For example, learning about balancing items, moves on to making a cute bird mobile. Or creating your own “Friction Testing” device – as all good science books should do – it asks lots of questions to stimulate exploration and discovery – e.g. “How does this affect the speed?” etc.  As this books contains 365 activities, I challenge you to find something you don’t fancy doing. You will find everything from fun with Ice, growing plants, exploring crystals, magnets and living sells. Tons to keep you busy all year! The only thing I would add to make it proper “S.T. E.M. is to get the children to predict and outcome, WRITE IT DOWN and then compare to what ACTUALLY happens and discuss why.

coding for kids

Coding for Beginners using SCRATCH (US/ UK)

As a parent, I am PARTICULARLY interested in any coding related children’s books. Did you know that for our kids generation well over 40% of jobs will be in coding? Coding will be a FACT OF LIFE for our little cherubs and the earlier they can start the better! SCRATCH is a free online tool that many UK schools use to introduce coding methodology and concepts to kids (they don’t actually realise that they are doing coding!).

This is not a book to browse, but it is more of a manual to use. With simple fun coding projects based on the scratch junior app, building up skills levels as you go along and helping your child build up knowledge of both how the app works, but also the power of coding.

I will DEFINITELY be getting a copy for my kids!

books about space for kids

My Very First Space Book (US/ UK)

This is one step up from your board book – not quite a board book, but nice thick “card pages” , with wonderful “classic Usborne” illustrations looking at Space. From What is IN Space (planets, galaxies, comets, satellites etc) to Exploring the Moon, what it is like at Space school (very simplified for younger kids), Space stations etc. It explains about the different planets and stars and the life of a stars, wonderfully illustrated and simplified. Though targeted at foundation adn KS1 years, I know the KS2 will learn a lot from this too!


Astronauts handbook for kids

Astronaut’s Handbook (US / UK)

Everything you ever needed to know about being and Astronaut. If you are ambitious about becoming an Astronaut yourself one day, this tells you all about, what you will do, what you need to know and the training, blast off, orbit and returning back down to earth. For example, did you know that you need to be able to speak Russian to become and Astronaut? Did you know that when Astronauts return to earth their heads feel really heavy? Even their watch feels heavy! This is a great book at primary school level – explaining what is REALLY like to be an astronaut.

informational dinosaur books for kids

Questions and Answers about Dinosaurs (US/ UK)

This is a wonderful lift the flap book that will delight all dinosaur lovers. Packed full of facts and information for hours of exploration and learning.

Disclaimer – we received all of the above the above books for review at the school libary

Awesome STAR WARS books (review & giveaway)

So.. has Star Wars mania hit your house yet? We have a 7yrs old and (just turned) 6yrs old in the house and they have been watching star wars for a couple of years now (I totally blame their dad!!!). I am amazed at how easily the Star Wars “bug” has been passed on down the generations. Though personally I love the films, I don’t actually let the kids watch them too often and look for other ways for them to get their star wars fix, but in a more constructive and imaginative way and even educational way.

Awesome new Star Wars Books for Kids!

So I was very pleased to see these three sets of books on the market!!!!!!!

THESE WOULD MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS.. and be SURE to check out the giveaway below! Don’t miss out!

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star wars (5)

Star Wars Young Readers

star wars (6)

My just turned six year old is all over these. She is chuffed to bits that there are some Star Wars things for her and at her reading level. These come as reading levels 1 and 2 (which is also book band yellow and blue).

star wars (7)

Star Wars Treasury

My  seven year old on the other hand (is almost 8) and is starting out on CHAPTER BOOKS. However, though he likes to read, he still needs “visual breaks” from lots of text – and enjoys chapter books with lots of illustrations (e.g. we got him the specially illustrated Harry Potter (US / UK)vs the the ordinary Harry Potter – the illustrated version is amazing).

star wars (9)

So here we get the original trilogy – wonderfully illustrated – true to the movie – in Chapter book format.

star wars (10)

A great book for my almost 8yrs old to get into “chapter book reading” but also to enjoy the illustrations.

Great for Bed Time Reading too – I know I will enjoy reading this TO my children too!

FINALLY… an appeal to my crafty side:

star wars (2)

Star Wars Workshop

This book comes with sturdy punch out cardboard pieces to make an X-Wing and a Tie Fighter AND …

star wars (3)

…A fabulous puzzle book that will surely keep both my kids busy this Christmas!

Watch this cool video:


We now have a Star Wars Workshop AND a Star Wars Treasury copy up for grabs.. here is how you enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Harry and The Robots (Book & Craft)

Here is a little blast from the past – I was tidying through some images on my computer and spotted this little cutie – our Harry and the Robots book and simple craft to go with it!harry and the robots and robot junk modellingHarry and the Robots is part of a cute little series of “Harry and the..” books for young children (probably 2yrs – 5yrs?). Harry has lots of little friends – in this story it is Robots – they are inanimate objects that come to life when no-one is watching. In this story, Harry’s toy robot needs to be sent off to be repaired. Is is sad to see it go, so his wonderful Granny suggests that he make his own.. but that night Granny is taken ill and to hospital.

The family is confused and saddened, but Harry NEEDS to make those robots now more than ever. Eventually he does… and then they go to visit Granny in hospital, they come to life… and help Granny become better.

A sweet story of childhood innocence and one that both my children ADORED.

One day after reading the book, my son jumped up and said “I want to make a robot like in the book”. We rummaged through our recycling box to see if we could find different parts to make the robot. When you look closely at the book cover, can you see which robot we tried to have a go at?!

It was super simple and fun. We taped all the different parts together (easier than gluing). My son was SO happy with the result.


P is for Pirate – Dress Up Pirate Craft

The Girl has been “doing” Pirates at school – they have a big ocean and under the sea theme going over the coming weeks and all the children seem to be really enjoying it! Next week they get to dress up as Pirates, Mermaids or underwater creatures and they are all looking forward to it very much! We have been exploring lovely pirates books and had a fun little pirate craft to do (as part of their homework) – the kids got to dres up their own pirates using a basking “gingerbread man template”. A simple activity, that looks wonderful. You could make a set of these and string them up as pirate bunting, or stick them onto the front of cards a pirate party invites.

Pirate Books and Crafts for Girls and Boys

We also read some lovely pirate books.. here are some of our favourite:

pirate books for girls

US Readers 

UK Readers (affiliate links)

A great book all about a little Pirate girl Molly. The meany pirates capture Molly and try and hold her for ransom.. but little do they know who her mum and her auntie and her cousin and her granny and and and.. are… they are the fiercesome pirate ladies.  A great story for aspiring pirate girls. You see, you don’t have to be a boy to be a pirate.

This book went down VERY well when I read it to The Girls reception class.

pirate books for girls and boys

US Readers

UK Readers

(affiliate links)

A book written in prose, this tells the story of a little girl who is the only one in town to befriend the new temporary neighbours. The rest of the town are filled with prejudices and dislike for the neighbours, only to find that they are hardworking, kind and generous. A great moral to the story.

Both really great stories!

More Pirate books to check out

10 Little Pirates (US Readers, UK Readers)

The Night Pirates (US Readers, UK Readers) – girl pirates steal the front of the house!

Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs (US Readers, UK Readers)

And here our Pirate Craft

This is super easy to set up – you will simply need some crafty bits and bobs – fabrics or coloured card, some glue (glue stick should work fine too), some gems if you have them, some foil for sorts… feathers would be great for hats or parrots…. wool for beards… see what you have and let your imagination run wild as you create your very own PIRATE! Harhar.

pirate crafts

pirate crafts for kidsAfter all our pirate girl books, The Girl, still decided on a big bearded boy pirate.. but that is just fine! Have a great piratey day!

LOTS more Pirate Crafts ideas here: