Harry and The Robots (Book & Craft)

Here is a little blast from the past – I was tidying through some images on my computer and spotted this little cutie – our Harry and the Robots book and simple craft to go with it!harry and the robots and robot junk modellingHarry and the Robots is part of a cute little series of “Harry and the..” books for young children (probably 2yrs – 5yrs?). Harry has lots of little friends – in this story it is Robots – they are inanimate objects that come to life when no-one is watching. In this story, Harry’s toy robot needs to be sent off to be repaired. Is is sad to see it go, so his wonderful Granny suggests that he make his own.. but that night Granny is taken ill and to hospital.

The family is confused and saddened, but Harry NEEDS to make those robots now more than ever. Eventually he does… and then they go to visit Granny in hospital, they come to life… and help Granny become better.

A sweet story of childhood innocence and one that both my children ADORED.

One day after reading the book, my son jumped up and said “I want to make a robot like in the book”. We rummaged through our recycling box to see if we could find different parts to make the robot. When you look closely at the book cover, can you see which robot we tried to have a go at?!

It was super simple and fun. We taped all the different parts together (easier than gluing). My son was SO happy with the result.


P is for Pirate – Dress Up Pirate Craft

The Girl has been “doing” Pirates at school – they have a big ocean and under the sea theme going over the coming weeks and all the children seem to be really enjoying it! Next week they get to dress up as Pirates, Mermaids or underwater creatures and they are all looking forward to it very much! We have been exploring lovely pirates books and had a fun little pirate craft to do (as part of their homework) – the kids got to dres up their own pirates using a basking “gingerbread man template”. A simple activity, that looks wonderful. You could make a set of these and string them up as pirate bunting, or stick them onto the front of cards a pirate party invites.

Pirate Books and Crafts for Girls and Boys

We also read some lovely pirate books.. here are some of our favourite:

pirate books for girls

US Readers 

UK Readers (affiliate links)

A great book all about a little Pirate girl Molly. The meany pirates capture Molly and try and hold her for ransom.. but little do they know who her mum and her auntie and her cousin and her granny and and and.. are… they are the fiercesome pirate ladies.  A great story for aspiring pirate girls. You see, you don’t have to be a boy to be a pirate.

This book went down VERY well when I read it to The Girls reception class.

pirate books for girls and boys

US Readers

UK Readers

(affiliate links)

A book written in prose, this tells the story of a little girl who is the only one in town to befriend the new temporary neighbours. The rest of the town are filled with prejudices and dislike for the neighbours, only to find that they are hardworking, kind and generous. A great moral to the story.

Both really great stories!

More Pirate books to check out

10 Little Pirates (US Readers, UK Readers)

The Night Pirates (US Readers, UK Readers) – girl pirates steal the front of the house!

Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs (US Readers, UK Readers)

And here our Pirate Craft

This is super easy to set up – you will simply need some crafty bits and bobs – fabrics or coloured card, some glue (glue stick should work fine too), some gems if you have them, some foil for sorts… feathers would be great for hats or parrots…. wool for beards… see what you have and let your imagination run wild as you create your very own PIRATE! Harhar.

pirate crafts

pirate crafts for kidsAfter all our pirate girl books, The Girl, still decided on a big bearded boy pirate.. but that is just fine! Have a great piratey day!

LOTS more Pirate Crafts ideas here:

Gingerbread Man Books

Sooo with us being in FULL Christmas Baking mode…. we are making all sorts from Vanilla Kipferl to Gingerbread Men. We ALSO love to read lots of Christmas books at this time of year (we have a number of “Christmas books” list for you to check out – one set here, and another set here, with our favourite Christmas Movies here)… but today’s topic of excitement, are these GINGERBREAD MAN BOOKS. Who knew that there were SO MANY different ones. Lots of fun reading to keep you busy through December. Simply Wonderful.

I have popped them all into one handy (affiliate) “list”, as well as included some quirky Gingerbread men products for you to take a peak at, just click on the links below for full info.

gingerbread man books

So.. here we go.. a fab list of Gingerbread Man themed books!

(affiliate links added for your convenience)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (2)

The Gingerbread Man Loose at School (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (3)

The Gingerbread Man (Keepsake Stories) (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (1)

The Gingerbread Man (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (15)

The Gingerbread Man (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (14)

The Gingerbread Pirates (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (13)

Gingebread Mouse (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (12)

10 Gingerbread Men (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (11)

The Gingerbread Baby (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (10)

The Gingerbread Cowboy (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (9)

Gingerbread Friends (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (8)

The Gingerbread Kid Goes to School (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (21)

The Gingerbread Boy (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (20)

The Gingerbread Man (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (19)

The Gingerbread Man (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (18)

Mr Greedy and the Gingerbread Man (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (17)

The Library Gingerbread Man (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (16)

The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Fire Truck (US/ UK)

Gingerbread Man Books for Kids (7)

The Gingerbread Bear  (US/ UK)

 Check out these fab Gingerbread Related Goodies & Activities:


  • Basic Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters (US/ UK)
  • Gingerbread Men Silicon Mould – great for chocolate gingerbread men or recycled crayons or ice cubes… (US/ UK)
  • Gingerbread Man Cake Mould – make a yummy Gingerbread Man Cake! (US/ UK)
  • Gingerbread House KIT – takes the “stress and hassle” out of making Gingerbread Houses (US/ UK)


  • Cutest Gingerbread Man LEGO mini figure (US/ UK)
  • The Gingerbread Man Puppet Set (US/ UK)
  • Orchard Toys Run, Run, As Fast As You Can (LOVE all Orchard Toys!) (US/ UK)

Picture Book: Melvin

41E19-lRjSL._SX385_We do love a new picture book every so often and in particularly we (ahem I) love quirky stories with quirky illustrations.

Melvin The (un)luckiest Monkey by Claudia Boldt is one of the latest publications by Tate Publishing. I am a great fan of Tate Books – they are usually beautifully illustrated with great stories.

Melvin is not any different.

The story is about Melvin the “unlucky” monkey. His best friend Pete tries to convince him otherwise. But Melvin just regales him with stories of woe and bad luck…. Pete begins to wonder if Melvin REALLY IS the UNluckiest monkey in town. But is is a question of attitude or does Melvin really have that much bad luck? So off he goes to surprise Melvin with his favourite Bananas…. But alas, the bad luck is now rubbing off on Pete…. will there be a happy end? Will Pete and Melvin be ok?

A sweet story of friendship and outlook in life!

Disclaimer: Tate Publishing provided use with the picture book for free.

Little Poppet’s Board Books

Well.. you know how I LOVE picture books, don’t you? Our house is literally overflowing with kids’ books and I can’t wait for mine to be able to read for themselves too.


So when this adorable little book – Little Poppets, Paula Metcalf and Susan Mitchell– came into my hands, I fell in love with it instantly.

It is the story of a little Mouse that one day finds that its tree has grown some socks.  Mouse and his friends thinks his tree really does grow socks, as the next day there are more socks and even some underpants on his tree. The story has that that wonderful child like innocence about it (after all, we all wish our tree would grow socks or maybe some toys? Or maybe pizza? Don’t we?). But we, the reader know better! The next door neighbour’s washing has blown away in the wind!

So, the story is cute. But the illustration is even cuter. Created by Susan Mitchell you have each scene painstakingly and lovingly needle felted and put together. Right down to the very last detail of runny eggs and soldiers for breakfast. I know my little girl’s fingers are just itching to reach into the picture book and PLAY! Almost makes me want to learn how to needle felt certainly something to add to me “How To” to do list!!

Super cute book, would make a lovely gift too.

FYI: I was sent the book for review by the publisher