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Preschooler Maths at Home

Tweet I thought I would share some of the girl’s maths homework now – she is in Reception (4-5yrs olds), which age wise, is similar to preschool age for kids in pretty much the rest of the world. This week, … Continue reading

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How to Catch a Hamster

Tweet Have you got a Hamster? Does it like to play Houdini and regularly escape? When your Hamster escapes, do you turn the house upside down and STILL don’t find it? Well… we have a new Hamster.. and he LOVES … Continue reading

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Maths Help for Parents

Tweet I don’t know about you, but I always thought I would be one of those parents that helps their kids with their work – not too much of course, as they do need to learn themselves, but enough to … Continue reading

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More! More! Or why Baby Signing Really works.

Tweet Ok, this is really going to sounds like a “sales pitch” for Baby Signing. I am not trying to sell anything (I have never been to a signing class), but just want to “share”. We had such a lovely … Continue reading

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Wholesome Fingerfood – Falafel

Tweet Like all mothers, I am constantly on the look out for new and interesting dishes to serve to my fussy toddler. I try as often as possible for him to eat our food, but as he has two warm … Continue reading

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