Breakfast Banana Muffins: Cooking with Kids

Well.. yes, we had some of those blackened bananas that NO ONE will touch in the fruit bowl. The flies were beginning toget excited, so I decided to get baking with the kids – actually with The Girl, as the Boy started back at school today (boooo). We went for a Honey, Oats and Banana muffins. The are DELICIOUS, easy to make and are also a great alternative Breakfast muffin or add them to the children’s lunchbox. They will keep a week in air tight container. I like to stick them in the fridge too (why not!).

Banana Muffin Recipe

Banana Muffins Recipe Ingredients

  • 3 ripe bananas (the riper the better)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 125ml of milk
  • 100g butter
  • 2 tbls runny honey
  • 200g self raising flour
  • 200g porridge oats
  • handful of raisins and walnuts (optional)

Banana Muffins Method

1. Melt the butter and honey in a pot on the stove and set aside

2. Squish your 3 bananas with a fork, in a bowl. Add the eggs and milk and whisk.

3. Add your oats, flour and raisins/ nuts. And mix with a wooden spoon.

4. Pour in the butter and honey. Mix again.

5. Divide into cupcake cases. Ours were quite small, we ended up with 18 cupcakes. Normally this will make around 12 medium – large cupcakes.

6. Bake 20 – 30 minutes (20min if small…) until golden brown.

Let cool on a rack and enjoy! You will end up with a sweet and moist and filling breakfast muffin!

From Blackened Bananas that no one will touch to Honey, Oat & Banana Muffins, that we can’t get enough of! We need some smell-o-vision SOON!

1st Day of School Traditions

This month has been a very special month for us (and many other families, I know)… The Boy STARTED SCHOOL! All very exciting and emotional and fabulous all at once. Being in the UK, compulsory school starts after the 4th Birthday, as the children start Reception. Luckily, Reception is still very much about playful learning and The Boy LOVED going to pre school and couldn’t wait to be in “Big School”.

As a good Austrian mother does, I decided that The Boy HAD to have a “Schultuete”. Schultuete is a germanic tradition – where children who first start school, get a big “school cone” of goodies to help sweeten the day. I remember mine from when I first started school and I wanted The Boy to have one too.

Living in the UK, we can’t actually buy one, so I made one for him (check out how “How to Make a Schultuete” post). The key being that they are BIG and filled with LOTS of stuff.

We had already been counting down the days to school startings. The Boy being so excited. The uniform was ready and we talked about the friends we would see again from preschool. We talked about how exciting it would be to eat lunch at school and how it may be a little tiring at first with the long hours (9am – 3:30pm).

The day arrived. And The Boy got his cone:

Such a VERY happy boy. He loved all he received – a Spiderman Pencilcase, a Spiderman Drinks bottle.. a special 10 colour biro (a huge hit) and some Superhero notebooks I made for him. Off he walked to school. Bursting with pride at being a BIG BOY. And in he waltzed. Daddy took the day off, so we all got wave him off. A big hug. And he was gone. After school, we all collected him and went of for a celebratory meal. The Boy talked all the way to the restaurants. Told me about the TWO new friends he had made (but I can’t remember their names). How he had lasagna at lunchtime (I was only allowed one, Mummy, not all the food – which I interpreted as, that the children got a meal choice and he wanted a bit of everything). He told us about the THREE playgrounds and about how the boys and the girls have their own toilets (we have robots on the all, Mummy). At the restaurant he did lots of drawing in his new notebooks with his new pen. Ate some Bangers & Mash (what a good Brit), followed by Ice cream. An exciting day indeed.

On the phone to Opapa, telling him all about the day.

My boy is growing up!! Sigh.

Lovely to come from a multi cultural household – we are able to pick and choose the best of traditions and hopefully give our children ever lasting special memories of growing up!

The “funny bit” is… in  2 years, The Boy will go to The German School (yes, I have finally decided it is the only choice for us). And when he changes, it will be The German School “Year 1” (German School starts around the 6th Birthday)… and he will get a Schultuete ALL OVER AGAIN. You are only supposed to get a Schultuete ONCE in your life, but if the rest of the class is getting for “starting school for the first time”, so will The Boy! Lucky him. I am hoping the second Schultuete will ease the pain of changing schools and make settling in over there easier!

A bit about us:

About our bilingual Family: I am a third culture Austrian (Austrian by nationality, but grew up in the UK going to a German School), married to a Brit (who only speaks English, but is trying to learn German). We have two children – a boy aged 4 and a girl aged 2. Though German is my mother tongue, English dominated for a long time (since leaving school). So I have had to get “back into” German when the children were born. I was lucky to find some German friends in my local area and we meet regularly. I tend to speak German to the children when we are alone or with German speakers, but use English the rest of the time.The children currently understand German but speak English. (PS I will replace that photo with a family photograph… tsk tsk).


Easy Lunch Box Time Savers & Recipes

lunch box recipesThis is a round up of practical, easy, tasty and nutritious lunch box ideas for busy parents.

Forget, the cute and fun food you can find on Pinterest (that encourages food waste and requires you to get up at 4am), this is a round up of practical, easy, tasty and nutritious lunch box ideas.


  • Freezing & Tupperware – You could have a “cooking session” once a week or even once a month. Get it all done and store away for the days and weeks to come.
  • Prep Lunch Boxes whilst Cooking Supper – A classic time saver is making your lunch boxes whilst you are cooking supper.
  • Enlist Help – Get the kids to help you cook and prepare. They learn about food and cooking, they are able to appreciate the effort of prepping food more, they are more likely to give you honest feedback, you have help AND you have a “weekly” activity you can do together!
  • Everyone gets the same food – at school, home and the office – If your lunchboxes are well balanced, then the whole family can have the same packed lunch – whether at school, work or at home. You will have the additional benefit of seeing what parts of the meal “go down well”.
  • Make your food seasonal – adding a “natural” variation to your food, especially when it comes to fruit, whilst also teaching your kids about seasons!

Here we go.


lunch box ideasGlorious Sandwiches

Now.. I just wanted to make sure that we don’t forget the humble sandwich. There is nothing wrong with a sandwich and nothing wrong with a simple ham or cheese sandwich. Every so often and my kids will LOVE it. Every day… and they won’t. So don’t forgot the humble sandwich. It is more than fine. Vary your bread to vary the sandwich. And the key to non soggy sandwiches is to create a “barrier” between the filling and the slice of bread: a thin layer of butter or cheese is a great barriers. There are literally a 100 Sandwich Filler ideas here.

easy lunchbox ideasMini Pizzas

I love not only the recipe suggestion here, but also how Kitchen Counter Chronicle top tip for freezing these properly. Needless to say, the variations for making your own pizza are endless. And as they are homemade you can make sure that fat and salt contents are low.

cooking with kids easyQuiche – Broccoli, Sweetcorn & Peppers

I am a great fan of quiche, as overall it is reasonably well balanced meal – carbs (in the pastry), proteins (in the eggs and cheese), and vitamins and fibre (in the vegetables). I have been making it for my kids for years. Our Quiche Recipe is from scratch, but you can make it quicker to make by using store bought pastry and adding ingredients that do not need pre cooking. I slice it into 12 slices and freeze. Then pop two frozen slices into your lunchbox in the morning and it will have defrosted by lunchtime. Like the Pizza, you have one recipe with 100s of alternatives for the fillings. You can of course make this as “Mini” quiches – just pop the same dough and filling into a muffin tray! But it IS more of a faff.. and you want quick and easy, right?!

lunchbox ideasLunch Box Kebabs

I love the idea of varying your childs food, by varying the presentation with these “kebabs” of food on a stick. There are 5 different “recipe” ideas over at Goodlife Eats – varying from Salami, to Ham and Turkey as “meat” bases. Of course you can make them vege too or just fruity!

lunch box time saversFrozen (Peanutbutter & Jelly) Sandwiches

As a mum of 4 Amanda’s Cookin knows what she is talking about… and if making and freezing sandwiches ahead of time helps, then I believe her. The key is to avoid a soggy sandwhich. Check the instructions to find out what the secret is!! This principle about frozen sandwiches applies to most sandwiches combinations not just PBJ ones. Though there may be a  little trial an error at the beginning.

lunch box time saversGreen Potato Salad

When you next have potatoes with your evening meal, cook some extra (as well as chopping extra veg) and make this delicious sound green potato salad. From My Friendly Lunchbox, which is PACKED with other lunch box tips and hints!

easy sausage rollsSausage Rolls

I think My Friendly Lunchbox really does know her stuff.. here we have an easy Sausage Roll recipe (basically just buy some puff pastry!!). She doesn’t say whether you can freeze them or not, which of course would be an added bonus. But they do look simple to make, so guess it doesn’t matter? And you could half the puff pastry and make one half sausage rolls and the other half something vege?

lunch box ideasPinWheel Sandwiches

A different  take on the tortilla wrap are these pinwheel sandwiches. I think they look tasty! I confess.. not to sure how quick they are to make, but I think we will be giving these a go for varieties sake! On She Knows you will find 8 different fillings. Great… 8 lunch ideas sorted! I am sure you would get away with making these the night before!

Dip & Pitta Bread

Hide and Seek Learning recommends a tuna, sweet corn, red pepper, avocado dip. Mix it all together, add some pitta bread on the side and done. Very popular with her boys and takes 2 mins!

lunchbox ideasPasta Salad

When having pasta at the evening meal, cook extra and then visit Family Go, for a range of Pasta, Couscous and potato salads to be inspired by. Some super simple like this Italian Pasta, others using things like Turkey Left overs. Now I just need to persuade my kids that couscous and the likes are GOOD. As that opens a HOST of new lunchbox possibilities!

Quinoa Salad

Mmmmh I think I want to try this one. This sure is a lunch box meal packed with goodness and taste. Smiling like Sunshine shares. They also give the bigs thumbs up to this Vegetable Paella.


Vegetable Parcels

Utterly Scrummy has a great foodie site packed with fabulous recipe and ideas. She has a whole lunchbox post for you to check out. But I wanted to highlight the last recipe – the Vege Parcels, as you can freeze them (the others sound darn tasty too me, but I worry about how easy they are to “just pop” in lunch box  still, DO take a look for Falafels, Calzone and Banana Muffins!) And she has MORE lunch box tips in this post all about “Lunch box wisdom“!

lunch boxChicken & Apple Balls

Hertfordshire Mummy swears by this Chicken & Apple Balls recipe from the UK Baby Chef Anabel Karmel.  She shares the recipe or you can find a slightly detail instructions here. I confess.. it seems like a lot of work to me – but I guess it is a) worth trying if they freeze/ keep well in the fridge and b) maybe every couple of weeks, it is ok to put a little more effort into a special tasty lunchbox treat?

lunch box ideasBeat the Lunch box Blues

Another great article from My Friendly Lunchbox, giving you that extra “ooomph” to get you through those last few days of term when you feel you have exhausted all your ideas. From rolled sandwiches to simply changing your bread!


blueberriesFruit & Veg

Don’t forget fresh fruit and piece of vegetables such a mini tomatoes or carrot sticks. Make the fruit seasonal – and a) it will keep the costs down and b) make it more interesting for the children. Whilst teaching them a little about the seasons! Why not grow your in own in your garden? You don’t need a lot of space to grow a little yourself. How special to bring your own fruit and veg to school? Or go foraging for blackberries and plums or whatever is local to you (applies to late Summer School Term and early Autumn School Term). Take the fruit in fresh or make a “forager’s cake“.

lunch box snacksCheese Pops (or Straws)

Again Frugal Family comes to the lunch box rescue. She has worked out that she can feed her children cheaper than the school dinners that are on offer (yay) and shares some of her favourite recipes, including these Cheese Pops. Now I am not sure if you can freeze them or not. But I guess if you have an air tight container, they should last a few days! And if you have 4 kids like Amanda.. well, they won’t need to last very long! The Packed Lunch cake looks great too!

lunch box ideas20 Snack Ideas

A great post from Childhood 101 – a list of 20 snack ideas – and you can print it off as a check list! Brilliant and SOOOO handy! You will find lunchbox snack ideas, such as pretzels, rice cakes, popcorn and trail Mix

lunchbox treatsHomemade Fruit Museli Bars

Childhood 101 shares her delicious looking museli bars, back full of dried fruit goodness. The key difference the bar above, is that it used 3 eggs. I will be keen to try this out and see what the taste difference is!

lunch box ideasBanana Flapjacks

Mmmm yummy ENERGY food from Gourmet Mum – banana flapjacks should keep them going all day. Perfect for when sports is in the diary.


lunch box treatsButternut Squash and Cinammon Muffin

Mmmh these sound gorgeous and I love the idea of hiding some vegetables in a muffin. I will most definitely try these with my kids. You will find Laura over at Mindful Mum with this recipe. But she has a number of other recipes for you to browse as well (am tempted by the Teriyaki Salmon, but maybe for an evening meal one night)

lunch box muffinsMars Bar Muffins

Yes they freeze! (I always check this first). Sooo, now we know they freeze, let’s move on. Frugal Family has a great set of ideas and this is just one of them – Mars Bar muffins! She has a basic recipe that you can use and add to how ever you like. In this case Mars Bars. Then pop in the freezer and you have a few week’s worth of lunch box treats sorted.

easy chocolate chip cookies no eggsChoc Chip Cookies

We love this basic shortbread recipe, as it is versatile and easy to make. Stored in an air tight container they will keep quite a while and you can freeze the dough to use on later batches. You can also mix and match – make the first batch with choc chips and the next with raisins!

easy bakesOrange & Oat Cookies

Oooh these sound yummy and nice to add some different flavours to your cookie and muffin mix. A Mother’s Rambling shares these yummy treats.



Ok.. so occasionally I do want the lunchbox to be fun too! But I still cannot do the whole “pinterest” thing, that requires me to throw most of a sandwhich away or prep food for hours.

lunch box ideasBanana Pirates

You will find lots of healthy treat ideas on Kiind (be sure to hit the “translate button) at the top of the page, but these little napkin pirates did make me giggle!


lunchboxes made easyAdd Notes

Don’t forget, it quick and easy to add a little note… as Mummy Mummy Mum shares – not only can you send your child a heart warming message.. but you can encourage reading and make it fun! (You will see other reading ideas on this post too). Go wild and buy multi coloured or shaped post its!

lunch box ideasSticker Fun

Oh so simple and look how it makes you smile. I won’t say do this EVERY day.. it looses it’s effect, but do it every so often and make your kids smile! Poca Cosa sticks things on other items too. Be sure to go and look!

lunch box ideasAlphabet Cookies

These cookies last for ages. This is a really simple cookie recipe to make (with the kids), you can even freeze the dough if you wish. Make a batch, put them in a good air tight tin and you could last you a whole term.. each day, add a couple of letters your child is learning about at school (for the younger ones) and for the older ones, write out a short word or challenge them to see what words they can come up with using the letters “provided”.

Need MORE ideas? Visit World Play House for another great round up and post of lunch box saviours! More lunch box savings idea on Mamas Like Me.

 I do hope this helps you prepare yourself for the lunch box planning to come. If you have any great ideas of tips or recipes you would like to share, PLEASE do leave it in the comments! Happy lunch box eating!!! 

PS if you fancy and “Back To School craft ideas“.. do visit Red Ted Art!