Awesome STAR WARS books (review & giveaway)

So.. has Star Wars mania hit your house yet? We have a 7yrs old and (just turned) 6yrs old in the house and they have been watching star wars for a couple of years now (I totally blame their dad!!!). I am amazed at how easily the Star Wars “bug” has been passed on down the generations. Though personally I love the films, I don’t actually let the kids watch them too often and look for other ways for them to get their star wars fix, but in a more constructive and imaginative way and even educational way.

Awesome new Star Wars Books for Kids!

So I was very pleased to see these three sets of books on the market!!!!!!!

THESE WOULD MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS.. and be SURE to check out the giveaway below! Don’t miss out!

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star wars (5)

Star Wars Young Readers

star wars (6)

My just turned six year old is all over these. She is chuffed to bits that there are some Star Wars things for her and at her reading level. These come as reading levels 1 and 2 (which is also book band yellow and blue).

star wars (7)

Star Wars Treasury

My  seven year old on the other hand (is almost 8) and is starting out on CHAPTER BOOKS. However, though he likes to read, he still needs “visual breaks” from lots of text – and enjoys chapter books with lots of illustrations (e.g. we got him the specially illustrated Harry Potter (US / UK)vs the the ordinary Harry Potter – the illustrated version is amazing).

star wars (9)

So here we get the original trilogy – wonderfully illustrated – true to the movie – in Chapter book format.

star wars (10)

A great book for my almost 8yrs old to get into “chapter book reading” but also to enjoy the illustrations.

Great for Bed Time Reading too – I know I will enjoy reading this TO my children too!

FINALLY… an appeal to my crafty side:

star wars (2)

Star Wars Workshop

This book comes with sturdy punch out cardboard pieces to make an X-Wing and a Tie Fighter AND …

star wars (3)

…A fabulous puzzle book that will surely keep both my kids busy this Christmas!

Watch this cool video:


We now have a Star Wars Workshop AND a Star Wars Treasury copy up for grabs.. here is how you enter:

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London With Kids – The Shard

As the half term hurtles towards us, we suddenly found ourselves with slightly less plans than usual, but as we live close to London, we know there is always something for us to see and do in London. One place we hadn’t visited before is THE SHARD! The Girl has been “learning all about London” at school and we thought it would be a great opportunity to visit London’s literally biggest (or certainly tallest) attraction.

And this is how our trip went…

We probably had a total of an hour at The Shard – including waiting to collect our tickets and travelling rapidly up the lifts. We were lucky with the weather and had brilliant views of the whole of London – seeing for miles into every direction. It was thrilling to be at the same height as helicopters circling London!

After The Shard, we headed to Borough Market for some yummy food and treats. Lucky for us it was “Apple Day” at Borough Market with lots going on – including shows and Morris Dancers. A great day out indeed.

Do check out Family Deals for the Shard or see what deals the have for the holidays.

Disclaimer: we were invited along to visit The Shard by the press office.

Best Craft Channel on YouTube

I don’t know about you, but we as a family are increasingly heading over to YOUTUBE for all our questions and answers – be it games, recipes or crafts!  So I thought it would be great to share with you one of our favourite Craft Channels on Youtube: RED TED ART! Woohoo. It is amazing! It is so colourful. It is so fun. It has SO MANY ideas (new crafts twice a week!!!) AND pretty much all of the ideas are EASY and do-able and use common household items like paper and loo rolls. This craft channel is also a great resource for learning new (but simple skills), it has some great finger knitting videos, as well as great sewing projects for beginners. Perfect for learning new skills or teaching the kids. And just check out this most adorable trailer!!!

Subscribe today!

They also have this great article on How to Preserve Leaves perfect for the coming Autumn Crafting months!:

6 Methods to Preserve Leaves - but which is the best Which is the easiest and which is the cheapest

Busy About Town

In my house, I FREQUENTLY call myself the pack horse, or the mule. Dumb enough to carry everything around for everyone. I am always handed things to hold, carry, keep store.  I am a moving dustbin and the carrier of everything. Something needed to be done…. I finally got round to getting *myself* a nice backpack for basically EVERYTHING (this is after my previous one, pre children, was stolen by my husband – arrrgh). Luckily the lovely people at Pink Lining to mercy on me and sent me one of their GORGEOUS Pink Lining Bags. Woohoo. I am so excited and so lucky!

When the bag arrived, it looked deceptively small. I was just a wee bit concerned… five days of Summer Holidays later, and I am more than pleased.. sturdy, pretty, spacious and so full of uses:11836796_10153507497166085_2990615146781193419_n

Day one – a tennis racket carrier (also contains, water, snacks, tennis balls and waterproofs).11816318_10153507496951085_8997657371522610975_o

Day Two: a Swim Bag Carrier – enough for two children to go swimming – contains, swim towels, hats, goggles, water, snacks, purse and a book for me to read11850752_10153507496566085_942712703885186962_o

Day Three – heading into town – yep, it don’t look big, but it has PLENTY of room for packed lunch for three (neatly packed of course).11039875_10153507496226085_4029754405699016221_o

Day Four: ah some me time.. whilst the kids complete their Art in Park session, I go for a little wander, enjoy the flowers and collect some pine cones for future crafting…11701117_10153507495961085_836606114677494976_nDay Five – a quick nip to the local supermarket for some, ahem, puddings.

Job done. Ruchsack is comfy to wear, looks oh soooo lovely AND is simply too practical. I am a pack horse, but a pretty one!


Summer Activities: Water Balloon Pinata

So finally, the hot hot hot weather has arrived here in the UK and the kids finally get to enjoy some Summer fun. Summer for me is all about the great outdoors and playing with water to cool down. As we live in an Urban environment, we only have a small garden and need to “make do”. There are lots of fun Summer activities you can do, even in a small garden or out on the pavement.. and one such activity for Summer is the Water Balloon Pinata game. My kids have been waiting to play this game for MONTHS now.

Summer fun - water balloon pinata game

It is  simple game – you need water balloons, water, some string and a stick… and I am sure you can imagine the rest-  but do watch the video below to see see the squeals of delight and laughter as they play their game! Awwwww.

My daughter first saw this Summer game in this book:

outdoor activities for kids


A great resource for every family and I challenge you not find an activity you will like!

Watch the sheer laughter of delight!