Epic Straws with Cravendale

Ooooh when Cravendale said they had an Epic Straw competition I knew we had to take part… I remember curly whirly and twisty twirly straws from my childhood and LOVING them (I believe I had a pink one). This was going to be curly whirly twisty twirly heaven.

Soon afterwards, we received the packs. The kids jumped up and down in excitement. The cats ran away. The milk quaked in it’s bottle.

And we got making. The Boy was in his element. He LOVES constructing and he LOVED this. He tried to follow the instructions – at 4.5years, he starting to learn about instructions and patterns and loves having a go.

We made the pattern. And Loved It…..


And then we made our own construction – a science experiment – one straw, two ends. Who will win?

And then we discovered that the straw only works if they BOTH suck! So team work is 100% necessary. Nice one. They both won!

Find out more about epic straws on Carvendale’s Website live from the 24th Sept 2012.

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