Let’s Get Crafty Crafts for 2yrs olds+

As many of you know, I can’t resist a nice craft book review.. so when Cisco asked if I would like to take a look at two of the books in their Let’s Get Crafty series for 2yrs olds, I knew I wanted to take a look. Yes my kids are older now (6yrs and almost 8yrs) and YES, I have a host of craft inspiration at my finger tips over on Red Ted Art – Kids Crafts.. but I am always curious. Especially when it comes to the 2yrs old age group – which is bit of a tricky age to craft with. They are SOO WILLING and often not THAT able (yet). And crafting together, should, well be TOGETHER after all, right?

Also, my kids are at an age, where they are starting to have little craft sessions of their own.. so a book full of simpler projects is JUST RIGHT for them.

Check both titles in this Crafts for 2yrs olds series out online: UK Readers/ US Readers

crafts for 2yrs olds (3) crafts for two year olds

Crafts for 2yrs olds

So what did we think? Firstly.. my daughter went off with both books for a good read. That is usually a good sign. I can usually tell how good a book is by how long it engrosses her.. and she stayed engrossed for quite some time.

Finally, I managed to take a peak at the books and wrestle them off her and have a browse.

crafts for 2yrs olds (2)

The book really is filled with a great set of crafts for young kids. I love the combination of inexpensive materials and recycled materials, such as cardboard tubes to make bracelets and juice cartons to make ships.

I would say that there are a lot of childhood “classics” in here – like handprint trees and paper birds. But they are all wonderful childhood classics for a reason – and I feel every child SHOULD make these at one point in time.

The activities are easy, so the majority can be completed by a child, with help from an adult and I think these crafts and ideas would be particularly useful in a nursery and Reception class setting – where one teacher has to help many..

crafts for 2yrs olds (1)

The Felt and Fabric book is similar – felt is a GREAT material for younger kids to work with, as when you buy the right quality, you can glue it together instead of the need to sew. Similarly, if you are embarking on a how to learn to sew journey, then felt is also great for small hands getting the needle through the fabric.

Again, the projects are cute – I would say more diverse than in the paper book, but at the same time, suspect that they probably would require a bit more support from an adult. That doesn’t make them any less fabulous mind you!!

So if you have young children at home or work with young children, both these books would be a great resource!

Check both titles out online: UK Readers/ US Readers

DISCLAIMER: we received the copies for free in return for a review

Harry and The Robots (Book & Craft)

Here is a little blast from the past – I was tidying through some images on my computer and spotted this little cutie – our Harry and the Robots book and simple craft to go with it!harry and the robots and robot junk modellingHarry and the Robots is part of a cute little series of “Harry and the..” books for young children (probably 2yrs – 5yrs?). Harry has lots of little friends – in this story it is Robots – they are inanimate objects that come to life when no-one is watching. In this story, Harry’s toy robot needs to be sent off to be repaired. Is is sad to see it go, so his wonderful Granny suggests that he make his own.. but that night Granny is taken ill and to hospital.

The family is confused and saddened, but Harry NEEDS to make those robots now more than ever. Eventually he does… and then they go to visit Granny in hospital, they come to life… and help Granny become better.

A sweet story of childhood innocence and one that both my children ADORED.

One day after reading the book, my son jumped up and said “I want to make a robot like in the book”. We rummaged through our recycling box to see if we could find different parts to make the robot. When you look closely at the book cover, can you see which robot we tried to have a go at?!

It was super simple and fun. We taped all the different parts together (easier than gluing). My son was SO happy with the result.


Make Your Own Zoo – Crafts for Kids

As many of you know, we are great fans of crafting.. we love nothing better than taking “old things” from the recycling box and turning into something new and wonderful…. We particularly like to craft with TP Rolls and have occassionally dabbled in Egg Carton Crafts (here and here). So when the publisher of this lovely little book – Make Your Own Zoo by Tracey Radford – asked if we anted to check the book out, I knew we simply had to… especially since both kids are now getting to the age, were they ADORE browsing craft books and picking out what they would like to make next.Cardboard Zoo Craft Ideas for Kids (12)

Cardboard Zoo Craft Ideas for Kids (11)


The Book is categories into – Safari Crafts, Jungle Crafts, Aviary Crafts, Aquarium Crafts and a nice section about making enclosures and scenery (to complete your Zoo craft efforts!Cardboard Zoo Craft Ideas for Kids (13)

My kids excitedly grabbed the book off me and then disappeared off with it for a few days. I could hear the occassional Ooh and Aah. There really are LOTS of super cute and clever little craft projects in this book. The kids had a go at making a panda on their own (a little tricky ON THEIR OWN, they are only 7 and 5), but I feel they managed v well, esp when they decided to substitute glue with tape!Cardboard Zoo Craft Ideas for Kids (7)

Love all the TP Roll crafts – thsi Giraffe is adorable…Cardboard Zoo Craft Ideas for Kids (2)But I have to say, I particularly like all the different birds – who would have thought you can make so many different cute little flying critters from an egg carton!?

All in all a sweet book for those that love to craft with recycled materials.. great for my kid’s age group – or for grown ups making for a play set for the kids.

I do think the kids need a bit of help cutting and sticking… but then again, that is what a nice craft session  is all about – sitting down together and getting crafty!


Paper Plate Chick Purse

Aaaah if you are looking for a cute and simple craft to do this Easter week… then take a peak at this super duper cute and easy Chick Purse made from a paper plate. Adorable.


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