P is for Pirate – Dress Up Pirate Craft

The Girl has been “doing” Pirates at school – they have a big ocean and under the sea theme going over the coming weeks and all the children seem to be really enjoying it! Next week they get to dress up as Pirates, Mermaids or underwater creatures and they are all looking forward to it very much! We have been exploring lovely pirates books and had a fun little pirate craft to do (as part of their homework) – the kids got to dres up their own pirates using a basking “gingerbread man template”. A simple activity, that looks wonderful. You could make a set of these and string them up as pirate bunting, or stick them onto the front of cards a pirate party invites.

Pirate Books and Crafts for Girls and Boys

We also read some lovely pirate books.. here are some of our favourite:

pirate books for girls

US Readers 

UK Readers (affiliate links)

A great book all about a little Pirate girl Molly. The meany pirates capture Molly and try and hold her for ransom.. but little do they know who her mum and her auntie and her cousin and her granny and and and.. are… they are the fiercesome pirate ladies.  A great story for aspiring pirate girls. You see, you don’t have to be a boy to be a pirate.

This book went down VERY well when I read it to The Girls reception class.

pirate books for girls and boys

US Readers

UK Readers

(affiliate links)

A book written in prose, this tells the story of a little girl who is the only one in town to befriend the new temporary neighbours. The rest of the town are filled with prejudices and dislike for the neighbours, only to find that they are hardworking, kind and generous. A great moral to the story.

Both really great stories!

More Pirate books to check out

10 Little Pirates (US Readers, UK Readers)

The Night Pirates (US Readers, UK Readers) – girl pirates steal the front of the house!

Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs (US Readers, UK Readers)

And here our Pirate Craft

This is super easy to set up – you will simply need some crafty bits and bobs – fabrics or coloured card, some glue (glue stick should work fine too), some gems if you have them, some foil for sorts… feathers would be great for hats or parrots…. wool for beards… see what you have and let your imagination run wild as you create your very own PIRATE! Harhar.

pirate crafts

pirate crafts for kidsAfter all our pirate girl books, The Girl, still decided on a big bearded boy pirate.. but that is just fine! Have a great piratey day!

LOTS more Pirate Crafts ideas here:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

… that is the Good Life Mantra. Try not to use something in the first place. If you do, try and use it again and then finally, if all else fails recycle! Some people think that by recycling, they are being “good enough”… not so!

reduce reuse recycle

But I want to talk about my favourite form of “reusing” – children’s clothes… mainly because we have benefited so much from this: friends have given us SO MANY lovely things to reuse that we have had to barely buy anything new for Red Ted since he was about 6 months old! And it isn’t tatty stuff (well no tattier than something “new” worn by Red Ted “once”.. ;-)). Reusing is particularly useful with small children, they grow so fast that sometimes they have only worn something 2-3 times – what a waste! And I am not at all certain how good the “recycling” industry is for textiles or shoes…

Here are some lovely little shoes that Red Ted got to “Reuse”. Hurray!

Christmas Ornaments

Ok.. you may have guessed by now that each week, I am joining in with a festive cheer blog hop.. this week’s challenge is “Christmas Ornaments”. And before I waffle on forever, I want to ask:

Are these blog worthy?!?!?!?

Or are they a bit naff and wibbly wobbly and all over the place?

UPDATE: Come find the “How to” over on Red Ted Art!!

In the mean time, join in the Christmas Blog Hop and link up your DIY Christmas ornaments!


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Boats – An Egg Carton Craft Idea

Here is a egg carton craft idea that I made almost 2 years ago with my kids… It still makes me smile!  I love the idea of bring books and crafts together.And some days, when I really don’t know what to make, picking up one of Red Ted’s books really does inspire! And this is how we came to make our Egg Carton Boats.
If you saw the Back To School post.. don’t you think Red Ted has GROWN so much?!
So. Today, I brought out one of Red Ted’s older books:  Tell me about TheSea, by Justine Smith. We have two books in the series and alsohave Tellme about Baby Animals. When he was a little younger hepreferred Baby Animals. Now I think he prefers The Sea. But they are bothlovely books – nice simple images with things to “do” on every page (count,find, look), some nice shiny surfaces to touch, as well as some flaps to lifttowards the end. Lovely for them. Lovely or you and a little education on theside!
This time we decided to make a boat!1)    Materials: although I knew I wanted to make a boat at some point andthus bought a 12 egg egg carton, I did wing this a bit. So my photo doesn’tshow all the materials needed. But to be honest, just be crafty and do whatworks for you! My basic materials: egg carton (12 egg & 6 egg), chopsticks(for mast), paper & paint (for sails), ribbon/ string (to secure mast &bunting), glue, scissors, blue tack, staples…

2)    We began with the sails. To be honest you can do WHATEVER you likefor these. We decided to paint, as Red Ted likes painting. Also, I we use the“water technique” of wetting the paper and letting the colours run a little, asI thought it fitting with “The Sea”. However, you can re-use an old drawing,draw a new one. Paint patterns or even use a scrap of fabric! Whatever takesyour fancy.

3)    Once the sails where done, I made the basic boat, whilst Red Ted ate a pare, looked at the book again and got excited! The 12 egg egg carton is idealfor a boat, as it has a raised bit right in the middle of it – perfect for a mast.Whilst he 6 egg egg carton, has a dip in the middle and the mast is a littlewobblier. I just poked it through, put bluetack underneath and added someprecautionary glue.

4)    The ribbon/ string helps secure the mast – I tied round the top,threaded it through little holes on the side and tied them again underneath.Seems to do the trick! Also added some blobs of glue just in case!

5)    Once dry, I cut out some sails and flags. Glued on the sails and stapledon the flags. Using clothe pegs to help keep things in place.

6)    FINISHED! And ready for play!What do you think? Simple and too cute and perfect for all those left over egg cartons don’t you think?!