Christmas Nativity & Stained Glass Windows

We got some lovely stained glass windows from Hobbycraft a couple of weeks ago. The kids saw them and wanted to make them straight away. As you know, I like to share crafts that anyone can do “wherever”, but that usually involves a bit of effort and time on the carer’s part. These little stained glass windows are perfect for one those “spontaneous crafty sessions” that the kids love and require not much input from you (yes, we all need those sometimes. especially with my craft monsters).

The ones we had came with special paint, but we did some a while back for The Boy’s cars party birthday and coloured them with sharpies, which worked really well too. They were a hit then. And they were a hit today.

As we had a “nativity” and a “Christmas tree”, it was a great opportunity to talk to the kids again about the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. We talk about the story of Jesus and where he was born and how the Sheppard , Angels and The Three Kings rejoiced at his arrival.

I have to confess, that we are not a religious family, but I do believe in the nativity as a historical fact. Jesus lived a long time ago and Jesus did good things for people around him. It is important for me to teach my children about history, to teach them about religion and what it means to other people and to teach them about traditions and why we do things. “Santa” is not “enough” in my eyes (and neither is the Easter bunny for that matter). So having a nativity at home, talking about the Christmas story and discussing why we celebrate Christmas is very important!

Hopefully it will also teach the children about compassion and kindness. About thinking about others and not just today’s commercialism and obsession with “things”.

Anyway, the kids loved painting and it was a nice time for us to just chat about Christmas!

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