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Well.. if you are from the UK and are around, well, my age, you may remember the NatWest Piggies. They were a family of pigs that the NatWest Bank launched to encourage children to save. Open an account and you get the Baby Pig. Save £25 and you get the sister.. save £50 and you got the brother, £75 the mother and then eventually at £100 Daddy Pig (in a very sharp suit). I collected them all. I was so proud of my saving achievements.

Then I gave them away (gutted).

Anyway, NatWest got in touch and asked if we wanted to take part in their “design a new NatWest pig” competition. As you know, we love crafts for kids, so how could I say no?! They sent the most humongous crafty goody bag to inspire us (some of the goodies will be going to The Boy’s school for sure! Share and share alike).

We decided to have a go at the clay. Mainly because we have never worked with clay before (well the kids haven’t) and I thought I can’t be a crafty so and so and not use clay and that using clay would nurture their creativity – always good to use new craft mediums.

So we got the clay out. It was trickier to use than I remembered (drier and more difficult to join than expected). The kids made all the basic shapes for their animals and joined them together for them. So I can say, with a clear conscience, these really are THEIR PIGS. The Boy then also made an elephant (which I ADORE) and The Girl a turtle (which I more less made).

Then I made a pig (how could I resist)

Then we painted them with the GORGEOUS shiny colours provided. The Boy loves adding details such as “white eyes with black pupils” (my crafty training is going down well) as well as toe nails. The Girl add the eyes and mouth and LOTS of glitter. I did some “drip art” painting.

I just LOVE the concentration that went into adding the purple glitter!

What do you think? Quite a good motley crew, no?!

Some info on the competition (visit the NatWest piggy site):

  • For children up to 13 years old
  • The winning design will become the new NatWest pig
  • Closing date 11th November
  • Terms & Conditions apply

This is an advertising promotion for NatWest


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