Cooking with Kids: Making Mini Pizzas

We love cooking with kids (as you probably know) and we are always on the look out for tasty and healthy treats. The Girl (aged 4) came home from preschool today with this fabulous and DELICIOUS treat – Muffin Mini Pizzas. For those of you that are not familiar with muffins – they are a bit like a roll, slightly sweeter bread. Of course, if you can’t get these near you, use Pitta bread or some french bread instead! The great thing about these Mini Pizzas, is that they are healthy, the kids will love making them and the majority of kids will also eat them. A great way to get some cutting practice AND eating some healthy veg. You may also want to this super healthy Cauliflower buy cialis texas Pizza Crust?!

Mini Pizzas - cooking with kids


Muffin Mini Pizza Recipe:

* 1/2 a muffin per pizza

* a mushroom

* some olives (black ones tend to be sweeter)

* sweet corn

* peppers

* cheese

* tomato puree

1) Let the children have a go at cutting their vegetables themselves. Of course do this supervised and don’t give them the sharpest knives – but sharp enough that it does cut. Let them choose what they want.

2) Put some tomato puree on your muffin and spread.

3) Add your toppings , with the cheese to go last.

4) Place under the gril until the cheese has melted and starts to brown.

I loved that The Girl “gobbled it all up”, eventhough normally she doesn’t like green peppers. She declared it as yummy and that we need to make more for all the family!

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