Creative Women’s Network at Plate London

It was time for another fantastic session with the Creative Women’s Network. An event co hosted by Honest Mum and Red Ted Art. This time we were hosted at the amazing Plate London just of Old Street. Lucky for us, not only is Plate London a gorgeous venue and restaurant but also a bakery. So our Creative Women were treated not only to a great talk by Harriet Thorpe (more on that shortly), but also do some delicious afternoon tea (my mouth waters at the thought of the pastries and scones!). A huge thank you to the team at Plate London for providing such a fantastic venue and catering.

As with previous Creative Women’s Network events, this is a relatively cozy and relaxed opportunity to meet, network and exchange ideas with other women in what can be (loosely) described as the creative sector. A place to celebrate success and exchange skills.

Getting camera ready & the importance of video

The focus of this event was on getting Camera Ready. With YouTube being the second largest search engine and Facebook, Instagram AND Pinterest all jumping on the “video” bandwagon, video will indeed become increasingly more important over time. The talk was hosted by the inspiring Harriet Thorpe – who knows what it is like to work in a man’s world, as a single mother of two children. The struggle is real. The paranoias of being “not good enough” are real.. but you need to sod that and get on with it.

And the same applies to creating video content. Stop worrying about whether you “look right”, whether you have “enough to say” or whether you have the “right equipment and skills”, just jump right in and have a go. Experiment, have fun.. and don’t worry about what other people have to say.

Video is hurtling our way and it is going to stay. And if we want to continue to succeed in this amazing place that is the internet, we can’t shy away from technology and new mediums, but must embrace them. We must forget our insecurities, forget the internet trolls and focus on our voice and what makes us special.

Networking & skills swap

Our favourite part of the event is always the networking and skill swaps. All attendees share what they are working and can ask for help and support in return for offering their own skills and experience.

Once again a huge thank you to Plate London for such a fantastic venue, for keeping us water, caffinated and above all treating us to some delicious afternoon tea!


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