Creative Women’s Network at the Rainforest Cafe London

Yes, it was time again for the Creative Women’s Network to get together for some stories, inspiration and exchanging of ideas and skills. The looong summer holidays behind us and everyone chomping at the bit to “get going again” before the crazy Christmas madness starts. Having said that the Crazy Christmas Madness seems to have started for me already.. oh yes.. Christmas videos a go go.. teehee. Never too early. But as per usual I digress. With a number of previous CWN attendees expressing an interest in getting more into blogging, we thought a brief session on Social Media would be useful. Enter the fabulous Digital Mums and their expertise on social media. This time we were hosted at the fantastic venue that is the Rainforest Cafe. It can’t get child friendlier than that… and with many mums in the room, it was a great place to be and network.

Annika from Digital mums gave as an honest account of her own personal stories and how she “ended up” at Digital Mums. It is amazing what women will do and achieve in a crisis. When her husband’s business unexpectly went into liquidation, Annika picked her socks up and hustled. A few short years later and she is head of talent requirement doing what she loves best.

A gift from the lovely Jin.B check out her personalisd gift shop on Etsy (affiliate link)

Between Annika, Vicki and my experience of social media we hope we gave the room a some tips and tricks to take away with them. Video, as always dominates the social media environment, however, now, more than ever it is important to stay true to yourself and do what you love best. If video isn’t you think, don’t worry about it, do what you are GREAT at. However, do occassionally go out of your comfort zone and dabble in this medium. You never know, you may discover a way to use it to your advantage. All social media platforms are encouraging the use – be it Pinterest, Instagram, IGTV or Facebook. You can’t totally get away from it. So brave. You got this. Start with 10 sec here or there and work you way up! A simple 12secs can take you a long way page views wise (3129 clicks at the time of writing!).

Our talk was followed by introductions from the group – from award winning beauty make up artists to loving our “Old and Beautiful” – so many projects under way and a great way to support each other and network with our projects. Whether is it labeling your child’s school clothes or putting a healthy meal on the table. And of course the lovely Jin.B and her fantastic personalised stationary. A room full of creative, encouraging, supportive women, ready to work together. The energy was buzzing, the food was delicious and contacts where made. A big thank you to Laura for taking photos in what was a very challenging light environment (the venue is ace, but so atmospheric that it is near to impossible to take photos!!) – check out on instagram Shimili Mears¬†and on Facebook! If you came to the event and want to see more photos go here.

Be sure you come to the next one.

In the meantime, fine the Creative Women’s Network on facebook and be ready to join in. Offer your skills and ask for help!

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