Little Girls And Their Doll’s Houses

As you may know or not know… a year a go, I made a cardboard doll’s house for Pip Squeak’s second birthday. I had always had this wish to create something like that for my children and finally had a chance to.

The original house, had six rooms, with the potential of a proper doll’s house loft conversion (finally achieved 6 months later), it has some VERY basic furniture – a combination of homemade doll’s beds and a shop bought kitchen. When my father moved house, he found some of my old doll’s house furniture, so some cupboards and tables and chairs were added. It has been a GREAT doll’s house project. Each time, I make something new, it reinvigorates the dolls house and the children spend many more hours playing with it.

I love the combination of homemade and bought. And somehow they work really well together and The Girl seems to love the items equally!

When Dolls Houses got in touch and asked if they could send a few more things.. how could I resist?

With my “personal shopping assistant” (haha) I soon realised that our Granny and Grandpa were in dire need of their own bedroom and bed – so a Sugar Plum Bedroom set was swiftly chosen. Granny and Grandpa were DELIGHTED… they no longer have to sleep in bath tub! AND they have their own bedside table and lamps and cupboard and Granny can finally sit down and powder her nose. Brilliant. Absolutely perfect. It would have taken me ages to get “around to” sorting out their bedroom. Love the set (and at £14.99 it is incredibly good value). Look at how HAPPY Grandpa is .. though I think we need to redecorate so that the decor and the furniture go together nicely! The floor is sloping a bit at present, so some building work is in order anyway!

We then moved on to the children. What could Doll Houses send the children, that I would be less likely to make? Well…  the Pet Set of course. I, I mean, The Girl thinks it’s absolutely adorable. Both the dog and the cat are so tactile, you just want to pick and play with them. We love the little dog’s house and the cat’s basket. Sooo cute. The doll’s house children are seriously happy. (again I think £7.99 is pretty good – you get BOTH pets a dog house, dog & cat bowl, and a cat bed, bargain and all in lovely good quality wood). The cat is nicely installed in the kitchen, whilst the children said the dog had to stay outside, after all he does have is own house!

FINALLY… as it is The Girl’s Birthday, we thought we needed one more special item! “Sophie’s Car” hit the spot. The Girl soon discovered the ADORABLE little boot, complete with suit case to go away for a long weekend with. Now our doll’s can easily have a weekend away or more importantly go shopping and visit relatives that live further away. We love the little car – the pink is 100% a hit (yes The Girl LOVES pink) – and The Girl particularly likes that this car is ALL HERS… no sharing with boys. Yay.

Thank you to Doll’s Houses for the super lovely and kind gifts. I was impressed at how swiftly they were delivered top.

Disclaimer: the new doll’s accessories were complimentary from Dolls Houses.

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