But HOW do you make money (from blogging)

You may have read my rant about “What do you DO all day” a couple of weeks ago.. I really DID have a rant, but I also explained, what a typical day actually looks like for me. Now to put all tat businesses in to context – how do I ACTUALLY earn a living from all that? Well… today’s post is a little more on THAT. It really is just a quick overview and if you are interested in a particular area, please do let me know and I will try and expand!


How do I make Money from Blogging

By working hard (haha, ok that was a bit flippant). But if you really want to know, my key areas of income are:


  • It is all automated and the more people visit my website and youtube channel, statistically speaking, the more I earn – this is the majority of my loft conversion money and it is a pure numbers game. More content. More social media. More visitors. More income.

Affiliate income

  • Affiliate income is a scheme, where you add code to links to 3rd party sites. I promote the code and the 3rd party site and if you should buy something, I earn a percentage income. This is usually 3%-8% depending on the company. I mainly work with Amazon Affiliates only, because they have such a broad product offering.

Sponsored posts

  • I do relatively few of these (compared to other bloggers), mainly because I am lazy!! Ok, I am not lazy, mainly because I am very busy. Sponsored posts are when a company pays you a fee to write about them or use their products. A lovely example of a Sponsored post is this Gift Wrap Challenge.


  • Creating ebooks (check out our lovely Christmas Book) and helping my friends sell their craft related ebooks (e.g. take a look at this gorgeous paper globe). You don’t need a massive blog or massive social media presence to do well selling e-products, but you do need a dedicated niche audience that love what you do!

3rd Parties

  • Freelance for 3rd parties. This can be anything from writing copy and photography of kids crafts or writing about blogging/social media, speaking at conferences etc. Basically, anything that you do NOT see on my blog or social media websites.

Earning a living off the internet is both mind boggling and truly amazing. But it also takes TIME. So like everyone who is earning a living – be it self employed or employed by a 3rd party – I really am busy.

If you are ready to put in the hours, work hard and wait for maybe a year or two before reaping the benefits of your labour, I can highly recommend a “job” on “the internet”. It is flexible, it is fun, you can do what you like and you get to see your family whilst earning a good salary.

Remember though.. it IS VERY hard work and not everyone makes it. Have you got what it takes to be a blogger?

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