Our Must Haves for Christmas…

… we love traditions in our house.. and one tradition, we have had so far (which I am sure many families have too), is a lovely new set of Pyjama’s at Christmas. All new and soft and warm and cozy. Whilst the kids were little, I got away with getting them wonderful little “traditional pyjamas” – you know, a checked flannel “shirt” with matching trousers. Terrible smart and handsome and cozy.. until the dawn of the ONESIE!

I had resist this phenomenon for quite some time.. but when I saw a “Wolf Onesie” in the shop, I simply KNEW that The Boy would ADORE one. And if The Boy got one, surely The Girl would need one too. So she got a girlie tiger one:


The Boy took to instantly.. The Girl hesitated… and then… wouldn’t take it off for the next 4 days. Yep, I had to literally PEEL it off her and pop it in the washing machine for a super quick wash and dry, ready to be worn for another 3 days solid…. come the colder winter days, this is ALL they want to wear at night.

What has been really great about the onesies though, isn’t that they are warm and snug (especially when those blankets are being kicked off), but also, they double up as FABULOUS costumes or for “dress up days” at school. The wolf costume has already come in handy for both the school play and a recent dress up day. Job done.

George have some super cute onesies – and I know I will be checking them out again this Christmas.. as the kids rapidly grow out of their existing ones.

**This Post was brought to you in Association with George at Asda**


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