Owl Cake

Ok.. this is a very short post, as I just wanted to show you Pip Squeak’s Owl Cake… it is short, as basically, I haven’t perfected the cake recipe yet and “all you have to do” is pick a cake you like and decorate it.. why not make some cute Owl Corner Bookmarks to go in the Owl Themed Party bags?!

We had two simple Victoria Sponges, filled some Chocolate Butter Cream (I doubled the ingredients).

Bake your cake, then fill it with chocolate butter cream and also spread it around the outside.

For the Owl Cake decoration:

  • Ready to roll icing + some food colouring (red & yellow)
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Smarties
  1. Find a plate that is the same size as your cake, use this to lay out your different parts and get the sizing right – rather than touch the chocolate cream with the icing and get it all brown looking.
  2. I coloured some the ready to roll icing with a tiny bit of red to make it pink, rolled it out and cut out two wings. And using a glass cut out two circles for the eyes.
  3. Cut out two larger circles with a larger glass from some of the white icing.
  4. Colour a tiny bit in yellow for the beak
  5. Find all the pink Smarties (though in retrospect, I think multicoloured would have looked nice too)
  6. Then place your white circles and pink circles on your cake, add a chocolate button for the pupil (I stuck in down with some butter cream). Add your wings and then rows of Smarties. Done!

The Girl was very lucky indeed, as she didn’t just get the one cake! No, she got THREE cakes. And each with candles and a Happy Birthday song (the god parents each brought a cake):

She looks pretty happy, doesn’t she? A delicious pear cake and a super duper Charlie & Lola cake! Perfect.

Little girl birthday cake heaven! Check out what else we did on her Birthday – our visit to the Bear Factory and see her lovely new Doll’s House bits and pieces!

(Oh and I love this KitKat and Smarties cake.. I think this will be on the agenda for The Boy’s birthday!)

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