Science at Home: Toad Life Cycle

Today we were inspired by the fantastic Rainy Day Mum to go out and find some frog spawn in our local pond. If you are interested in exploring and observing the development of frogs or toads, PLEASE read her how to look after tadpoles post first – it is VERY important that you know how to take care of your frogs properly or they will die!

We found lots of mating toads in our pond and were beginning to worry that no spawn was ready yet.. and then at the VERY last corner of our pond circuit we were rewarded with the clear jelly/ sponge like substance floating in the water. Lucky for us Daddy was with us and with his long arms, we was able to scoop some up for us!

Once home, we transferred to a vase for observation.

Toad Life Cycle

We measured the eggs – they were approximately 6mm in diameter. And recorded the date (14th April 2013) and place of where we found them.

Toad Spawn


We took a closer look.

If your spawn is in clumps, it is likely to be frogs, if it is in “strings”, it will be toads.

Toad life cycle exploration

And The Boy made a drawing of the eggs – we discussed how they were spheres with little black spheres in the centre.

Now go and read abouthow to look after tadpoles if you want a go too!

We will be reporting on progress over the coming weeks! In the meantime, we have added a little video, to share our experience with The Boy’s school class…


4 Days Later… you can see them wiggling:

Here is a photo.. and I think we need to update our journal!

Day 4 - Toad Tadpoles

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