The Pirate Day Out

The kids and I were super lucky to be invite to “The Pirate Castle” in Camden, for some Pirate Food, some fabulous Aardman Animation crafting AND a screening of the Pirate Movie (ahead of its release on DVD next week). I really wanted to take The Boy to see the film in the cinema, but missed it for some reason or another, so we were super pleased to be going yesterday.

And it was such a lovely afternoon. One of the chaps from Aardman was there, helping us make a Polly. The food was fabulous and we LOVED LOVED LOVED the film! (check out our full movie review here)

What I particularly liked about the film, is that it was “Good” (well EXCELLENT), without the “necessary” scary bits that all the other “children’s films” seem to have these days. Whenever, I let my little ones watch a new film, invariably, there is a really scary or sad bit, that almost makes them cry…. though there was adventure and intrigue in this film, with some potential for sadness, I think it made for a much more enjoyable experience for my almost 5yrs and almost 3yrs old. Hooray to Aardman for making a great film without the tricks of the trade to pull the punters in!

Pirate food ideas

Doesn’t the food look splendid?

  • The pirates – were sandwiches garnished with olives, carrots and peppers
  • The treasure boxes – made from shope bought chocolate roulads, cut in half, filled with sweets and sprinkled with gold edible glitter
  • The Cannon balls – filled savoury snacks, e.g. scotch eggs
  • The garnishes were labelled as pirate’s blood etc
  • Prawn cocktail sandwiches – rolls filled to look like boats with little pirate flags at the end
  • Sausages were wrapped in puff pastry with a dash of ketchup to make “Pirate fingers”
  • And there was filled filo pastries as pirate treasure bags


Our “Polly’s” sure kept one very tired 2yrs old calm and happy ALL THE WAY home. **Phew**

We made our own kids animation movie!

Thank you for a fab film and a lovely afternoon.

(Read all about it from Live Otherwise too – was lovely to see her and her boys, as well as Sardine Tin).

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