VTech Switch & Go Dinos

Oh my goodness, what is there NOT to love about the new VTech Switch & Go Dinosaur range. Both my children (boy and girl!) LOVE dinosaurs and both LOVE anything that moves and says things…. So when our Mohawk Stegosaurus arrived in the post, there was a lot of excited jumping up and down and “can I have a go now, Mummy”s from both children.


Not only is the Mohawk Stegosaurus a dinosaur that moves, but it turns into a car!  Result.  Wonderful. And made to sustain a few knocks and blows of 3yrs olds playing with it (and believe me, my kids do play rough with toys… However hard I try and tell them not too).

Want to see it in action? Take a peak:

We love our dinosaur and I suspect this will be hugely popular toy this Christmas. Now we just need another so that the kids stop fighting over it.

Would you like to win one?

Simply visit the VTech website and have a look around and come back telling us which toy you would like to give your child this Christmas!


1) Entry per person. Uk residence only.

2) Winner will be selected at random

3) Competition closes on 5th October 2012, at 11pm

4) Delivery fo the price is the responsibility of VTech and not Life At The Zoo.

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