Why I am Grateful

Well.. as you know, the blogosphere often pulls together and we often do things as part of a bloggy initiative. Here the wonderful Inspired by Family Magazine, came up with the idea to get a number of blogs together and write a series on Gratitude. As we do not have Thanksgiving here in the UK, I think it is lovely to be involved and spend sometime thinking about what we are grateful about!

Here is why I am Grateful:

  • I am grateful for my family. I am lucky to have a very lovely and supportive husband, who not only provides for our family, but encourages my “hobby” of blogging, is proud of what I do and supports me wholeheartedly. He also likes to cook, which is a bonus. I am grateful that I have to gorgeous children. They make me so happy – I could gush about them all day, but I won’t, I think you know how much I love them. I am grateful for my “the Grandparents”. They are kind, helpful and supportive and I am grateful my children have them in their lives.
  • I am grateful that my husband has a good job. And that I had a good job before having children. Which means that we live in a nice area in a comfortable home. I know we are lucky.
  • I am grateful that I have the opportunity to be a “Stay At Home Mum” (linked to the comment above), which means I get to see my children grow daily and that I know about all their little adventures and experiences. I am also grateful that being a SAHM, gives me the opportunity to have a “hobby” (that is blogging and Red Ted Art) that is slowly growing into a business.
  • I am grateful that we all have good health and that we do not have the worries and struggles that come with someone that you love being ill.
I asked the girl, what she was grateful for….¬†
The Girl:
  • I think the concept was a little hard to grasps.. so I asked her about what things made her happy. And basically, her big answer was her best friend ūüôā

Here are the other blog taking part and read all about their Gratitude Posts.

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and Zina Harrington from Let’s Lasso the Moon: Starting a Gratitude Journal

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3¬†Jennifer Farr ‚ÄstPuppy Love, Puppy Life Lessons

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and Jennifer Fischer ‚ÄstDinner Table Gratitude

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and Becky http://www.kidworldcitizen.or

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and Heather Ruppel He survived! Heart Surgery on Our Baby

7 Gina Kimmel Why I am thankful for my baby’s birthmother

and Kelly Innes Thankful to Marry the Man of My Choice (not everyone gets that opportunity)

8 Megan Sheakoski Reading is Magical ,

and Genny Upton Graveyards, Grandkids & Gratitude: A Personal Story  And Tree of Thanks Activity

9 Melissa Klinker   Charming gardeners who make our soul blossom…. Printable

and Adrienne Weeks Teaching Gratitude by Giving

10 Kylie Gardner  The more you’re grateful the easier it gets to be…

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12 Trisha Stanley One of the lessons learned from: our child’s illness

and Tina Pearson My Changed Perspective on being a Stay at home Working mom

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14 Susan Case Teaching Kids to Express Kindness & Gratitude to SOLDIERS!

and Deirdre Smith My One Butt Kitchen and how I am now thankful for it

15 Jen Goode Making a Thankful Tree

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17¬†Ness Hoffmann¬†Reflections on ‚ÄúEnough is a Feast.‚ÄĚ

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20¬†Angelique Felix¬†http://AngeliqueFelix.com¬†‚Äď The Magic Of Play

and Leanna Guillen Mora http://alldonemonkey.com

21 Margarita Woodley https://lifeatthezoo.com/

and Deb Chitwood http://raisingfigureskaters.com/

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