Simple Baked Apple Recipe

Baked Apples – a seriously easy and delicious treat for all the family! I first made these on the recommendation of my Sister in Law, who always made these as a child.  The great thing about these is, that they are healthy and that kids can indeed help make them. Great for this time of year, when you want a nice warm treat after playing outdoors! This baked apples also make for a great treat on Bonfire Night – wrap them in foil and carefully place them on the bonfire to cook! We also made some Edible Sparklers for bonfire night.. adding some popping candy for fun!

Baked Apples with kids (2)

Baked Apple Ingredients

Baked Apple Recipe (2)

An apple, some raisins, cinnamon, marzipan a drop of honey – to be honest, you can use what you want. Raisings mixed with almonds taste nice too. The honey helps bind it all together. And dried apricots make for a good treat too. Experiment!

Bake Apple How To

1) Using a decorer remove the centre. You can cut these out by hand too of course.

Baked Apples with kids (2)

2) We wedged a bit of marzipan at the bottom to secure the rest of the filling. Add your filling and spices and a drop of honey.

Baked Apples (2)

3) Place in a small oven proof dish or several apples in a large dish, or wrap in tin foil.

4) Cook at 180-200C for 25-35min.

Simple Baked Apple Recipe (2)

Let cool a little and ENJOY! Delicious.

See what other thoughts and ideas we have for Bonfire Night!

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