Dinosaur Ice Excavation

We adore Dinosaur activities for preschool! The kids have finally  broken up for their Summer holidays (hooray) and though we have lots of “little things” planned, we also have a lot of time to spend at home (and so it should be, I think kids these days DESPERATELY need some down time and time to GET BORED!!!). Every so often we like to jazz things up a little.. last week, we had a go at Water Balloon Pinata.. this week, we are having fun with some ICE – the kids are doing their very own DINO ICE EXCAVATION. We love cute Dinosaur Activities for preschoolers!


We used these lovely Dino Toobs toys! A great quality toy, with lots of wyays to play with! Get your Dino Toobs here (they come in different packet sizes, standard at 12 – 14 pieces are great) – US Readers / UK readers (affiliate links)

Cool down with some fun Dino Ice Excavation. Dinosaur Ice Excavation - a super fun activity for hot summer days! Great for toddlers and preschoolers

This is SUCH an easy activity to set up and the kids will get lots of fun out of it. All you need is a tupper ware, some plastic toys (we got some small plastic dinosaurs), popped them in some water and put it in the freezer overnight.The next day the kids attacked it with a stone and released the dinosaurs from their Ice Age prison.

Cool down with some fun Dino Ice Excavation - Summer Fun for Kids

This activity has SO MANY Dinosaur learning opportunities –

1) Learn all about different dinosaur names

2) Discuss the ice age and what happened all those years ago

3) Practice counting and adding, as you “release” the dinosaurs

4) Practice colour recognition

5) Strengthen fine motor skills

So.. what are you waiting for? What is not to love……

Now the kids are having fun outdoors.. maybe they will also fancy some DIY Grass Heads? Take a look!

More adorable Dinosaur Crafts for Preschoolers, which includes our brand new and adorable Paper Dinosaur Printable!

Toddler Dinosaur Crafts

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