Shooter Game – Inspired by The Olympics

We are taking part in the fabulous Kid Blogger Network Olympic Activities series, organised by the wonderful Rainy Day Mum and Angelique Felix (be sure to visit their blogs and read all about it). As part of this, we spontaneously decided to make a simple straw and paper “Shooter Game“. It is inspired by “Javelin Throwing”. Needless to say, we cannot throw javelins with 4yrs olds and neither can we do that on a concrete road… so… we made little shooters. (Btw, you will find LOTS more Olympic Craft & Activity ideas over on Red Ted Art!)

olympic activities and games

Materials: per shooter: a straw, a rectangle piece of paper – chalk as markers on the ground

We made 5 shooters in the olympic colours. Normally we would have used coloured paper, but it was all over at the Kids Craft Book Photoshoot, so we coloured some in ourselves. The paper was approx 2-3cm wide (enough to go around one straw) and about 15cm long. Really, just approximations. once coloured, we rolled it around the straw, unrolled it and put glue along one edge and side (kind of like and L). Rolled it up again. And patted down the edge (you can see how one end is flattened?). It is v important that this glued down well, as later, when you puff, the good seal propels your shooter.

We then used chalk to draw marks on the floor 1-4 to begin with, later we went up to 14 (they purchase viagra online safely didn’t really shoot that far, but they liked the drawing).

Ready. Get Set. BLOW!

Hold your straw in your hands (not the paper) and give it a good old puff! See your shooter fly off javelin style. How far can you shoot?

We had LOTS of fun. It took us 5 minutes to make and we had a good hours play. Even the neighbours’ kids joined it and we had 2yrs olds – 8yrs olds having a go!

Happy Olympic Games!

Later we include little “obstacles”, like shooting through a ring!

You can get lots of learning out of this:

1) Practice writing down your scores (number writing)

2) Adding up your scores (additions)

3) And with older kids you can talk about the sciences – what makes the paper shoot forward. What happens when the win blows etc. (this will soon be appearing as a guest post on Science Sparks and can read more about it there).

 olympic activities and ideas

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I do hope you enjoyed our Olympic inspired shooter game!

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