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How to Catch a Hamster

Tweet Have you got a Hamster? Does it like to play Houdini and regularly escape? When your Hamster escapes, do you turn the house upside down and STILL don’t find it? Well… we have a new Hamster.. and he LOVES … Continue reading

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Easy Fondant Sheep

Tweet Oh my, we are sooooo looking forward to Spring! Yes, I know, Spring and Easter and everything that goes with it are still ages away. But that doesn’t stop us looking, right? We can still get excited about all … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Family Fun Guide

Tweet Sooo… are you stuck in doors? Is it cold and wet outside? Or are you having a “Snow Day”.. or maybe it is just too HOT to go outside.. or you have a little one that has chicken pox … Continue reading

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Holiday Essentials

Tweet We LOVE arts and crafts, as you may well know (check out “other us” over on Red Ted Art). My kids are always making and crafting. But… though we love crafts, I am also a busy mum. Which means, … Continue reading

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Maths Help for Parents

Tweet I don’t know about you, but I always thought I would be one of those parents that helps their kids with their work – not too much of course, as they do need to learn themselves, but enough to … Continue reading

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