Paddington Bear Crafts & Ideas

Oh my, since the Paddington Bear Movie came out, we are in PADDINGTON BEAR FEVER here. It was simply the most delightful film imaginable. We rushed home and found our bears and old story books and really got stuck in! (A you can find a more extensive list of Padding Bear Party Ideas here).

I thought I would share some of our favourite Padding Bar Craft Ideas:

  1. Paddington Bear CraftsAren’t the Paddington cupcakes simply the CUTEST EVER!?!?!?
  2. We ADORE the Paddington TP Roll too! How versatile TP Rolls are!
  3. And check out this brilliant Paper Plate Paddington. Wonderful.


4. And if you need more.. check out this FREE Paddington Finger Puppet Printable!

Simply wonderful! Have you got a favourite Paddington Activity? Do tell us all about it!

Read what we thought about the Paddington Film here!


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