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You may remember a while back, I had a WONDERFUL illustration by Kasia on Red Ted Art to help raise fund for the Japanese Earthquake and Tusnami. Your response was wonderful and the print lovely. So we thought you may be interested in another gorgeous print auction – this time for a Creative Project in Ghana.

Kasia is going out Ghana to help on a film making project ogranised by Akosia.

Akosia’s Vision:

Our vision is to spread “the Akosia love”, honour the uniqueness of children and women, and build confidence in all those involved with our work. Akosia aims to bring creative projects to underprivileged children and women in every country around the world. We believe that active engagement in a creative activity sparks one’s imagination and provides an outlet for original expression. We envision a bright future for Akosia and those who participate in our projects. It is our goal to organize a project in every continent within the next 5 years. Check out more about what we do here.

Would you like to help? Simple.. you can BID for this wonderful print:



Isn’t it beautiful? This is an A4 limited edition digital print of an original illustiation (small edition of 25!).

You pay no money, unless you WIN the auction. You pay either via the donate button on Kasia’s website or via paypal – but that can be discussed later.

So. I would love to help Kasia, raise much needed funds for the trip. So go on. Dig deep and see what you can bid!

The bids open at £10 – and you can bid by leaving a comment below. The auction closes on 20th April 2013 (at 11:00pm) and the highest bidder will get the print.

(open worldwide)

Thank you ad good luck!

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