Indoor Garden for Kids

Well… I don’t know about you, but the kids are DYING to spend more time outside! and this is the time of year, when they LOVE to grow things of their own. So we decided to have a go at a fun little “indoor garden” project. To be honest, this indoor garden spends half it’s time indoors and half outdoors, so am I am no longer sure WHAT to call it. Either way, the kids love it.

It is rather simple…

For an Indoor Garden you will need:

  • a large container, lid optional, but we find it good for that Green House effect – ours was a fruit container, so already had holes in it for drainage and air
  • some compost/ earth
  • grass seeds
  • decorative items, such as stones for baths and pinecones
  • later you will also need scissors for trimming and maintenance!

Our container had “holes” in the bottom (good for drainage), so will need something to stand your garden on, to catch any excess water (which there will be if kids are doing the watering!

Indoor Garden How To:

1) If your container has now holes.. make some at the bottom for drainage and top for air circulation. Add a good layer of compost to the bottom of your container.

2) Decorate with stones and pinecones etc.. though note these may well get rearrange several times.. all part of the garden game!

3) Sprinkle liberally with grass seeds.

4) Water and let grow!!

5) Trim your garden regularly… add different details and games. We plan to “transplant” some small flowers into it later in the Summer!

Our min garden regularly has “toy visitors”, who explore and have adventures!

Learning Opportunities

  • Learning about how things grow and what you need – light, water, earth
  • Learning to care for things (enough light and enough water, not too much water)
  • Being creative (in arranging your garden)
  • Creative play (introducing toys and story telling)
  • Collaboration (if more than one child is working on this).. taking turns etc.
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