The Best Educational Toys for Babies

The Best Educational Toys for Babies

The best educational toys for babies are the ones that they can have fun with while learning about everything from numbers to letters. Introducing shapes, colors, and more to your kids at a young age is critical for development later in life. At such an early age it is easy to have fun with your baby and teach him or her a few things all at the same time. I have put together a list of the best toys that I have come across here on the internet and I cannot wait to share them with you!

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Flow and Fill Spout

An awesome toy for bath time! Your baby will love the way that water makes the wheel move and the cute faces on each cup. Each cup has a different pattern of holes on the bottom so the water comes out in different ways for each cup.

Baby’s First Blocks

Shape sorting toys are so popular for a couple reasons. They teach colors, shapes, and even some motor skills. Kids love these!

Wooden Abacus

The abacus has been used for centuries for math calculations. Using these to teach your little boy or girl the beginnings of basic math would be a great idea!
(They look a little different but they’re the same)

Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Puppy

This cute little guy looks like it could easily be one of the best on this list. He learns as your kid learns so your child is always learning. Did I mention he is super cute?

Music Sound Ball

Teaching musical foundation and colors, the music sound ball lights up to keep your little one engaged and engrossed in the learning process.

Smart Train

With the cutest puppy, monkey, and frog that are actually rattles, the passengers of this train are ready to take your baby on a learning adventure. Pressing the smokestack activates motorized movement lights and sounds! There’s a switch to change the learning level just like the smart stages puppy above!

Laugh and Learn Phone

The “smartphone” is a great alternative to letting baby play with your personal phone. Avoid sticky iPhones, and allow baby to listen to over 20 sing along songs.

Jammin’ Beats Drum Set

There are three different ways that the drum can be played. Whether your baby is able to sit up on his or her own or not, there’s a way that accommodates everyone.

Smart Stages Teaching Tote

There are so many ways to play with the smart tote. It includes smart stages like the other two above so playtime can grow right along with your baby.

Shake and Beats Tambourine

Tambourines are one of the most interesting instruments. Now baby can have his/her own! With bright colors and sounds it will help with sensory and motor skill development as well as afford the opportunity to teach baby about colors and music!

alternative Easter gifts

Hide & Squeak Eggs

BEST TODDLER TOY WE HAVE HAD. We were given a (similar) set a few years back.. and though simple, my kids delighted at it and have played with it for YEARS. Even now, they won’t let me “pass it on to friends” yet, as they enjoy playing with it in their toy kitchen and at pretend picnics!


Best toys for babys and toddlers

Lamaze Fish Bowl

I am a GREAT fan of Lamaze toys – colourful, well made and well design and thought through, we had a number of these toys whilst my kids were growing up. Here is a great one that a Life at The Zoo reader recommended – watch your litte one fish out the different coloured/ textured and “sound making” fish. A great sensory exploration!


Teaching babies starting at an early age is very important for growth and development. Not only will teaching them the basics give them a head start but it will also helps them learn communication skills. Learning can be fun with these best educational toys for babies. The toys featured on this post are the best that the internet has to offer. Did your favorite toy make the list? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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