Craft Book Review: Tilda Books

Oooh you know how I love a crafty book or too? I love seeing new ideas and designs. But as my personal craft journey continues, I find less and less books that in my eyes “stand out”. There are many VERY good books out there, that I would highly recommend, but more often than not, I have seen at least half the crafts before. At which point, the craft is no longer just “the craft”, but the design. The Tilda range of books are just that for me. They are all about the quirky and adorable “Tilda” design.


There are detailed instructions in each of the Winter Ideas and Spring Ideas of book of how to make a “classic Tilda Doll”. I think she is beautiful. And I really want to make one as a Christmas Tree topper for us (or at least a doll based on Tilda). But the books are not just about “doll make”.

In Winter Ideas, you will find Christmas Stockings and everlasting Gingerbread Houses to sew, as well as cute decorating ideas.

In the Spring Ideas book, you will find some adorable “bug dolls”. cupcake case bunting, little purses, pin cushions and sewing kits to make.

Lovely and very “pretty” books. You either like the style or you don’t and I do!

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