Boats – An Egg Carton Craft Idea

We love easy  Summer Crafts for Preschoolers! Here is a egg carton craft idea that I made almost 2 years ago with my kids… It still makes me smile!  I love the idea of bring books and crafts together.And some days, when I really don’t know what to make, picking up one of Red Ted’s books really does inspire! And this is how we came to make our Egg Carton Boats.
So. Today, I brought out one of Red Ted’s older books:  Tell me about TheSea, by Justine Smith. We have two books in the series and alsohave Tellme about Baby Animals. When he was a little younger hepreferred Baby Animals. Now I think he prefers The Sea. But they are bothlovely books – nice simple images with things to “do” on every page (count,find, look), some nice shiny surfaces to touch, as well as some flaps to lifttowards the end. Lovely for them. Lovely or you and a little education on theside!
Want to know how to make this lovely craft? Hop over to Red Ted Art today! More great  Summer Crafts for Preschoolers here!!
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