Pros & Cons of Pets for Children

pros and cons of pets for family life

Having a pet at home can be a great experience for your kids as they grow up. And at the same time, it can also be a nuisance and a health hazard. Here are a few facts that connect your kids with your pet.

The pros of having a pet: 

Healthier and stronger family life

There’s no denying the fact that pets like dogs really make family activities and a day out a lot more fun than otherwise. They’re so playful that even if you are busy doing something really important at work, you’ll be won over with their cuteness to cuddle and play with them. The feeling is even more prominent if you see your kids running and playing happily with your family pet. A cute pet sure does bring the family a lot closer than what you would imagine.


Your kids will never feel alone

Especially if you’re just a tiny family of three, having a pet really gives a sense of companionship to your young one as he or she grows up. Your kid will rarely get bored when they’re busy playing with the family pet and you’re busy in your own work to give them some attention. Having said that, pets are still not a replacement for siblings.


Learning responsibility

Just because it’s a dog, a cat, a fish or any other pet that’s best for the family, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require to be taken care of. In fact, having a pet in the family is a really good way of building a sense of responsibility in the family no matter the age of the family member. Feeding, bathing, and even potty training are acts that have to be executed with timely responsibility. Even watching after its health and taking it to the vet. As a parent, you’ll love to see how your kid grows into a more responsible human being while taking care of the family pet.


Pets have health benefits

Most people would think the other way around, but they actually do have health benefits. Chasing the pet around the house in their early years is a great way to stimulate both physical growth and maintain a high metabolic rate to keep up with a kid’s growing energy requirements. Not to mention, your kids will be easily accustomed to healthy lifestyle habits such as walking and washing their hands for a healthier and disease free future. Also, coming home after a very stressful day at school just to be hugged and licked by your dog is a great stress buster for toddlers.

And we all know how safe your kids feel with a dog in your house, especially a barking one.


The not-so-cute facts:


Animals will be animals

Unfortunately, that is the truth. No matter how domesticated your pet is, it’s still an animal at the end of the day and can be a lot more temperamental, especially when they are injured. No matter how cuddly your family pet is, you still have to be cautious to make sure it doesn’t bite or scratch your kids. Normally pets are well vaccinated, but there’s still no telling how dangerous a pet bite can be.


They can be a financial burden

Bringing a pet into the family is no less than adopting a kid. Not only do you have to be ready to give it that time – because there’s only so much that your own kids can do, but it also requires a considerable amount of money to look after one. Everything from animal food to vaccination injections, grooming accessories; it’s quite a handful you know. Can your monthly budget handle it? Moreover, can your kids understand these limitations?


The health drawbacks

A walk around the block to make sure your cat or dog doesn’t poop in your living room may actually be healthy for your kid, but the fur that it unceasingly sheds could be a major problem especially if one of your kid has allergies that require frequent visits to the nearest children urgent care center. Not to mention, being exposed to all the dust and poop in the pen too can be a handful of medical drama for your kid. You might want to consult your kid’s pediatrician before bring one in, and more importantly what pets are safer.


The wrong choice of pet

Tarantulas are fine, but a spider bigger than that just might be way too creepy as a pet. Similarly, a cat or a pug in a small two-bedroomed apartment your small family is living in would work, but a Great Dane, a bit too great for a small place, no? Choose your pet wisely.


They require time

As much fun as they can be, pets also demand a considerable length of your kid’s time. It’s unreasonable to assume that your kids will take care of the family pet very dedicatedly; you just might end up doing most of the hard and dirty work yourself while your kids just have all the fun. This could be a [particularly big problem if you’ve got a family member in the house needing a personal caregiver.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you don’t let a pet into your house, I’m just saying that you need to be a bit sensible with your choice.

Guest post written by pros and cons of pets for family lifeZyana Morris

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