Toy Review: Trashies Street Sweeper

Well, with Christmas around the corner how could I refuse the offer of a toy review by The Entertainer? I wasn’t too familiar with the “Trashies” Collectible range, but had seen both The Boy and The Girl play with them at a friend’s house (The Girl in particularly enjoyed putting the funny little characters in their bins – in and out, in and out…). So when The Entertainer kindly offered to send me the Trashies Street Sweeper, I thought “why not”.



The set retails at £20. And you get the orange refuse truck with a removable part at the back, and two trashies in their trash cans.

The idea, is that you sweep “over the trashies” and they get gobbled up into the back. Then you crash the ¬†refuse truck against the wall and the back falls off and they can escape.

So our verdict? Well, The Boy loves it and was VERY excited to get it. He got may presents this Christmas (lucky boy), so this isn’t necessarily his favourite, however it has been played with a fair amount. I think he is attracted by the bright colours, the moving vehicle and the fact that his friend has it (mmh that is always an important factor, isn’t it?). The Girl has been busy playing with her own new toys, so haven’t seen her interact with it yet. However, I do know that she loves the little trash cans and that she loves “all things small”.

My thoughts? Personally, I find it difficult to brush up the little characters, it does work, but there certainly is a “technique to it”. Ditto the crashing against the wall. When I (!) crash it, the door of the cabby keeps falling off and not the back of the rubbish truck. I worry that this toy is designed to be crashed, but that all the crashing will end up breaking it… mmh. It is sturdy, so it will probably be fine, but I do “worry about these things”.

Also, as a parent, I am a little vary of “collectible” toys. There is this inherent need to want more and more and more of them (of course that is what the manufacturers want). So I can’t quite make my mind up as to whether I (!) like it or not. The kids certainly do. And I guess the collectible individual Trashies make for good little “reward chart” prizes. So long as I see my kids actually playing with them, I don’t mind the collectible element too much! And for now they do play!

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