Gardening with Kids – Patience

A reminder to us all that growing things also requires a lot of patience! Clearly we know, that we have to wait a little while for seeds to sprout. And then, you have to watch the young plant grow and sometimes that can take forever. There is also the lesson about how not all seeds will take and that you need to sow many to reap a few.

We have had bad luck with beans recently (in fact, I think our beans “went off” – don’t ask why or how). So we bought some new ones – a purple black bean variety on the recommendation of one of my Facebook readers. The bean arrived. We got planting.


I waited some mroe, watered some more.


The kids got bored.

I planted some more (we so want those beans this year!!).


I was about to wander off, sulking and thinking about what else I could plant in the same spot, when, as if by magic:

Growing Beans


How I love nature!

And upon inspection, we found another 8 beans pushing their way through the soil. Patience indeed!

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