Useful Ideas What to Do with the Old Carpet

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Here on Life At The Zoo, we do care about the environment. Whether we are looking at Christmas Jumper Sales or Cloth Nappies.. there are so many environmental impact aspects to day to day living to consider. So, what about CARPETS!?

When putting things in order at home, everyone can face such a problem – how to use an old carpet, which is no longer needed or disinterested, but still you do not want to throw it away? Those, who lead an eco-friendly way of life, have another reason to look for a new life for their old carpets – they just do not want to pollute the environment by putting their carpet into the garbage. In this article, we will try to understand this issue in more detail, as well as give examples of what to make from an old carpet.

Preparing the Old Carpet for a New Life

  1. Capacity assessment. First of all, it is necessary to assess the condition of the old rug – are there visible defects or not, what can be made of a carpet of this size, what material is the old carpet from (whether this material is suitable for your future goals on this carpet) etc.
  2. Mandatory deep carpet cleaning. The carpet that was used independently, lying twisted in the garage or in the attic, or hung on the wall for a long time, has collected a lot of dust, small debris and possibly wreckers, so it is important to deep clean the old carpet or use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.
  3. Search for artists or preparing tools for self-processing carpet. You can do something useful from the old carpet on your own, or by using the services of freelance masters. When working independently with a carpet, scissors, a stationery knife, a set of needles and threads, additional fabric, etc. can come in handy.

What can be made from an Old Carpet?

The carpet can be used for its main purpose – as a floor covering, if it is possible to restore its former attractiveness.

Make several small specialized rugs from one large old carpet (for example, a small rug at the front door, into the toilet, onto the balcony).

To make from an old carpet or a rug – a modern carpet from rags. To make a new carpet from the old one is not an easy but feasible task, the main thing is to find the right training material on the Internet, stock up with the desire and necessary tool, and do it.

Old carpet to help pets. From the old rug, you can make a good bedding for a dog or cat, or use it when creating a cat claw.

Drivers from the old carpet can make car mats, a boot mat (which, by the way, can be especially useful in winter if the car gets stuck in the snow).

The old carpet, especially if it is woolen, can be safely used as a heater in construction and repair work.

Athletes can make themselves a rug for doing sports, on which you can do it yourself (push-ups, download the press, do yoga) or put on a home exercise machine.

An old carpet or a small rug is a good solution for picnics and leisure outside the city, like a lining on the ground (good thermal insulation if the ground is cold).

Give the old carpet to those in need! If the carpet is still in good condition, but you do not need it at all (or do not like it anymore), just give it to those who wish (by posting ads through free classified ads), or give it to the nearest shelter, etc.

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