Best Days Out for Kids this Christmas

Ok ok.. as you know we are HUGE fans of both LONDON and going to see shows with the kids. Lucky for us, we LIVE in London and have access to some of the worlds BEST SHOWS.. Woohoo. It is possible to really enjoy and appreciate London on a Budget.. and because you can, I also think it is nice to splash out every so often and do something utterly magical.. and with the School Christmas Holidays almost upon us the magic is heading our way. With the shorter, darker and colder days, it is time to wrap up warm and head to Disney on Ice.

My kids LOVE pretty much ALL of the Disney movies, there is nothing that says “childhood” and “magic” quite as much as a good old family Disney movie. And what way to better bring it to life than to visit Disney on Ice! My kids are 8yrs and almost 10yrs now and I think it is the PERFECT age to go an see a show like this with them.

This year we are going to see Disney on Ice INSTEAD of the traditional Panto.. well you still get Peter Pan… so it’s almost like a panto, right? Though we love our annual panto, I think you have to pick and choose your activities every year.. and I think the kids will remember the Disney on Ice spectacle as something truly special.

Throw in some stunning moves from Elsa… and the it is already starting to look a lot like Christmas…

And we can relive our summer adventures at Disney Land with Mickey and the crew. My kids really are very lucky kids. But I have to say.. Disney is just such a magical part of childhood.. and you are only a child once, right? So now is the opportunity to grab “Disney by the horns” and make the most of it.

I am so excited about visiting the O2 between Christmas and New Year and making the kids’ Christmas Holidays extra special!!

The only thing I have realised we have “failed on to date”… is watch the Lion King movie.. with it featuring in the Disney on Ice repetoir, I can assure you that fact will be remedied. The DVD has been purchased, the pop corn is on the stove and ready to pop, as we snuggled down to get ready for this Disney classic… ready to get excited about Disney on Ice later in the month!

Be sure to grab your tickets today and add them to a fabulous stash of Christmas Gifts this holiday!

What have YOU got planned for the upcoming holidays?


Disclaimer, we have kindly been invite to come along and see the show by the Disney on Ice PR team and we cannot wait to go!!!

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