Serpentine Pavilion 2016 by Bjarke Ingels

We are great fans of London and London with kids! There are so many things to see and do – especially in the summer months. Today, we went on one of our favourite summer excursions (well, MY favourite, but the kids had a jolly good day too) – it is our annual pilgrimage to the Serpentine Pavilion – an architectural summer exhibition – a wonderful hands on way to show and talk to kids about design and technology.

We begin our day by visiting the Princes Diana Memorial Playground Aka the Pirate ship playground in Hyde Park. We pack picnic and PLAY. Funnily enough, the kids spend most of their time digging big holes in the sand (we discovered that my paper coffee cup makes a great sand castle mold too).

We then grab an icecream and a coffee and head over to the Serpentine Gallery – where the annual Summer Serpentine Pavilion is constructed.  This year we had the pavilion by Bjarke Ingels. There are also 4 additional “summer houses”… see what we saw:

The kids adored it – I think the opportunity to play with some of the blocks really made their day. They loved exploring the additional summer houses too.

Then we headed home via South Kensington tube (stopping of briefly at the Geographic society for an impromptu photo exhibition).

Once near home, we popped by our local library, got some new books. And headed home.

A good day all around.

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