Book of The Week: Around The World

As you know, we are taking part in No Time for Flashcard’s Summer Reading Challenge. Last week we enjoyed the Root Children and Where The Wild Things Are, amongst other books.

I started writing down how many books we read (so we can enter it to the challenge) and this week, we read 24 books. I am quite impressed with ourselves!

This week, both books still feature significantly on our reading list.

Our book recommendation of the week, is in fact a French book, that we received as a gift. It is rather wonderful and beautiful and simple enough that we can translate it into English and German, depending on who is reading it. Or simply.. stick to French! It is: Au Même Instant, Sur La Terre, by Clotilde Perrin.

The idea is simple: cialis online cheap what happens around the globe at exactly the same time – in Paris a child wakes up to breakfast, whilst in Bulgaria, the child is already off to catch the bus to school, the next country, the children are going to market etc etc. You also have a little “find” exercise”, as a small white bird accompanies you through the book.

What also makes the book charming, is that it is  like a concertina, you pull it out, turn it round and you can go round and round the globe all day long! Literally as if you were travelling around the world. 24 hours, 24 countries. Beautifully illustrated. A great way to talk about the world.

We also like Mouk and our Pop Up Atlas book for talking about the world.

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